Preparation for @MyRizal150 in Calamba

Mr. Peter Capitan is the Calamba City Head of Philippine Employment Services Office (PESO). He is the one assigned to make sure that the local advertisement and dissemination of information for the celebration of the most historical event in Calamba City for this decade honoring the most famous Calambeno of all and Philippine National Hero and pride Dr. Jose Rizal 150th Birth anniversary this June 19, 2011 will be successful.

The confirmed attendance of the President of the Philippines together with some of the Cabinet members, ambassadors and all elected officials together with the whole country makes the City and the National Historical Commission of the Philippines busy for the past months. With the opening and unveiling of the tallest statue in the whole world with Mayor Joaquin Chipeco Jr. of Calamba, Twenty Three (23) symbolic floats will surprise the whole nation. Private and government sectors in Laguna such as the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Robinson Mall, SM Shoemart and Calamba Technical Parks produces their own tarpaulin which is based on the designed logo for the celebration which is “ Rizal@150” and which is also downloadable in the City official website.

According to Mr. Peter Capitan, the celebration for the new Rizal Park in front of the Municipal City Hall in Calamba this coming June 19, 2011 is open to everyone and encouraging all to wear historical dresses for the said event. The Presidential Security Group together with the involved personnel will have a meeting next week with regards to the route of the head of the state or the “Time and Motion” rehearsal as they are calling it.

At the Rizal Shrine or the House of Jose Rizal in Calamba now has more tourists and even elementary students are curious on what is inside the house of a hero. Jose Rizal look alike with his costume “Ka Erning” is a sight not to ignore assisting tourist outside the house of Rizal for the parking and passersby even want to have their picture taken beside him. Everyone looks busy and preparing for the big celebration, workers are busy constructing the “Bahay Kubo” in the lawn, repainting the building, cleaning all statues and the souvenir shop is full of books like “Noli Me Tangere” photocopied book with JPR handwriting for 900 pesos, t shirts for 220 pesos and other items for everyone together with the sellers of the Philippine Flag with prices ranges from 13 pesos to 150 pesos. There is no entrance fee in the Rizal Shrine.