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What can you do to be part of the electoral process?

Use #juanvote hashtag . The #juanvote was the first social media coverage by citizens in the 2010 elections. We will use the same hashtag for the 2013 elections. To support this hashatag is a #juanvote mobile android app at Google Play store via Kwan Initiatives’ InstaPatrol.

1. This is your chance to help the social media monitoring of online political campaigning. Check the Primer on Comelec Resolution 9615.

2. Check your precint number at the Precinct Finder and ID-Printing Status Checker

3. Follow @blogwatchdotph on twitter or

4. Be part of citizen power. Register here in Blog Watch. or send me an email noemidado at gmail dot com if interested to be part of our team of social media users, or writer for Voter education page in

SEE ALSO: Video chats and articles of seven presidential candidates in 2010 is for news and our social media page while is our portal for full-featured articles.

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Disclosure: Blog Watch does not accept compensation or payment in kind or in cash for any of our interviews. Blog Watch interviews senatorial candidates to provide more context to platforms and election issues. For candidates that want to schedule an interview with us, you may contact us via contact(at)blogwatch(dot)tv.

6. Contribute #epalwatch on twitter to monitor premature campaigning or those that are just mapapel. Here is our #epalwatch gallery. Blog Watch started the watch on premature campaign since November 2009.

7. Visit News and Press Releases of

8. Sign up for iVote, iWatch #juanvote