Download Reading materials : Corona Impeachment trial

Here are some background materials that you can read or download on the Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona Impeachment Trial

Prosecution Formal offer of Documentary evidence

Prosecutor’s Memorandum Re Subpoena and Search Warrants

Prosecution’s Compliance Explanation Re: “Fake” or “Forged” Documents

Defense’s Reiterative Motion to Quash Subpoena of PSBank Documents

CJ Corona’s Feb 8 Urgent Petition for Certiorari with Temporary Restraining Order before the Supreme Court

CJ Corona’s Feb 13 Supplemental Petition before the Supreme Court

TRO on the implementation of the subpoena to PSBank Katipunan …


February 28
February 27
February 23
February 22
February 21
February 16
February 15
February 13 (Day 15)
February 9 (Day 14)
February 8 (Day 13)
Februaru 6 (Day 12)
February 2 (Day 11)
February 1 (Day 10)
January 31 (Day 9)
January 30 (Day 8
January 26 (Day 7)
January 17
January 16

Read and compare these two primers and

Impeachment Primer. a Political and Historical Guide


Full Text of Impeachment Complaint Against Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona

Full Text of the Reply of CJ Corona to the Impeachment Complaint

Summary of the Corona Impeachment Complaint

Final List of Witnesses in Corona Impeachment Trial

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