BlogWatch began in November 2009 as a group of independent-minded bloggers and social media users helping with voter education. It has since evolved into a nonpartisan group of citizen advocates who engage government and the private sector, online and offline, for social change. Blog Watch is composed of an editorial team: Noemi Lardizabal-Dado, Jane T. Uymatiao , Sonnie Santos, are co-founders which manage a team of writers.

Blog Watch is a non-profit and purely volunteer organization organized in August 2009 and formally launched on November 24, 2009, to promote online freedom of expression and access to truthful and accurate information. It is committed to enhancing the capabilities of netizens for positive and principled action.

Blog Watch does not solicit, ask for, demand or receive any financial or material remuneration for involvement in its activities, whether in cash or in kind. Blog Watch operates solely on the resources of its members and the sponsorship of individuals and institutions which identities are appropriately and fully disclosed. A writing grant from the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ supports some of our posts)

[Vibal Foundation for content at the archives of Philippine Online Chronicles and Smart Communications as our technology partner in the 2013 and 2016 elections]

The public is warned that should there be any parties claiming to represent Blog Watch and who ask for any kind of material or other consideration for involvement in Blog Watch undertakings are bogus and should not be entertained. Blog Watch further requests that any suspected fraudulent or illegal activity of this nature be immediately referred to Blog Watch or to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

For transparency, Blog Watchers are obliged to disclose in their profiles any close affiliations with a politician, high government official, or political party as well as any government-sponsored consultancy agreements.

Please contact Noemi Lardizabal-Dado if you need to verify our roster of volunteer-members and editorial policies at noemidado @ gmail dot com or at contact @ blogwatch. tv

Our methodology

Blog Watch uses various social media networking sites and multimedia platforms to convey these stories through news articles, opinion editorials, photos, videos, podcasts, and social media engagement. We encourage our readers to send us claims to fact-check. We are also transparent on why and how we fact-check. We recently using tools like checkmedia.org, to verify digital media consistently and openly for our team and your readers.

Our articles and opinion editorials  can be shared freely through Creative Commons license; content is curated and contextualized by information from traditional media, opinions, primary interviews, and various social media platforms. We want our readers to be able to verify our findings themselves so we provide all sources in enough details so our readers can replicate our work, except in cases where a source’s personal security could be compromised.

Our Corrections policy

1. We always publish corrections at least as prominently as the original mistake was published.
2. We are eager to make corrections quickly and candidly.
3. Although we welcome letters to the editor or comments that are critical of our work, an aggrieved party need not have a letter to the editor published for us to correct a mistake. We will publish corrections on our own and in our own voice as soon as we are told about a mistake by anyone — our contributors, an uninvolved reader, or an aggrieved reader — and can confirm the correct information.
4. Our corrections policy should not be mistaken for a policy of accommodating readers who are simply unhappy about a story that has been published.
5. Information about corrections or complaints should be directed to noemidado @gmail.com
(source of corrections policy adapted from dataportability.org)

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Updated: October 8, 2017