An open letter to Butch Abad

July 11, 2014

Dear Butch,


I knew you then when we were young and idealistic college students. We both listened to Fr. Ferriols and admired not only his sharpness of thought but his depth of understanding of the noble Filipino spirit. We both sought guidance and inspiration from those brilliant, nationalistic and brave Jesuits who dared say that prayer is good but not enough in changing our country.

I still see that part of you alive and ready to give your all to God and country. I know how you tried your best to serve our people through government service from Cory to the present. I am sure that you have seen how government works and does not work due to the quality of leadership. You tried working with GMA but when her compromises and excesses began to undermine your values, you left and her and once more began fighting for change.

Perhaps it’s time for that which our Jesuit mentors taught us. Remember Fr. Ferriols’ insistence on constant reflection. Remember also how St. Ignatius insisted on going away, detaching oneself from whatever weakens our conscience and impairs our freedom. I read about your resignation Butch and I also read that P Noy refused to accept it. Do yourself and your people a big favor. Resign irrevocably. Let go and let God. Many of us can no longer understand how PDAF and DAP fit into P Noy’s Tuwid na Daan. If cleansing is to be done then it must be total and thorough. If PDAP goes, then DAP should go as well.

Your critics want you to resign and also go to jail. Don’t be afraid Butch. Remember how we risked imprisonment and even death during Martial Law. If you are innocent, if you are clean, there is nothing to fear. Go to jail if you must and let the truth and nothing less set you free. I pray for you and all of my friends in government. This is a difficult and awkward time. But if we must trust anyone, it must only be the Lord who preserves us from greed, arrogance and ambition.

Remember St. Ignatius’prayer,

“Take, O Lord and receive my entire liberty, my memory,my understanding and my whole will. All that I am and all that I possess You have given me: I surrender all to You to be disposed of according to Your will. Give me only Your love and Your grace; with these I will be rich enough, and will desire nothing more. Amen.”


Sincerely in our Lord,


Fr. Roberto P. Reyes OFM

As originally posted in the Philippine Online Chronicles.