#CJtrialWatch Day 8: Five discoveries , aiding the enemy , a memorable exchange, AHA AHA!

originally posted by Adolfo Mortera at his Facebook wall (used with permission)


1. RAMON ESGUERRA OF DEFENSE did very well in his cross-examination of witness Bisnar and successfully established the information that CJ Corona did not include his 113 sqm Fort Bonifacio property in his SALN because the property was not yet turned over to him.

2. WRONG WITNESS? Could it be that Tupas presented the wrong witness? Giovanni Ng consistently refused to answer questions about pricing of their property, saying he heard about the prices only thru their marketing department.

3. ATTY KAREN JIMENO: “Attorney-in-fact” means the CJ was the representative of his daughter who was abroad when the transaction was made. Natural lang na si CJ ang nakapirma, but it doesn’t mean the money used for the purchase was his.”

4. VERY MOTIVATED. Sen. Trillanes’ displayed so much excitement today. The clerk of court was about to read the Senate resolution on Article 2 before the trial started, but Trillanes stole the show to stress that “the impeachment is similar to our military tradition of disciplining its members where a jury rules with the basic sense of justice as guideline.” I heard no objection from Justice Cuevas.

5. CONGRESSWOMAN BRAGAZA OF PROSECUTION was able to ask questions – at last – directed at Constante Caluya, register of deeds of Makati. As if on cue, she asked him his name, documents he brought, his residence. Very smart questions indeed. Justice Cuevas was such a gentleman; he spared her from his questions – after all, the congresswoman is now widely acknowledged by netizens as the pretty muse of the prosecution.

ONE PRESUMPTION. Speaking with new-found confidence because Senator Miriam was absent, Tupas believed he scored one point over Justice Cuevas. He proudly declared” “We are ready with our 100 witnesses. I don’t know if the defense is ready.” CUEVAS: “We will submit in 3 days,” looking at Tupas with an impish smile.


1. ESTRADA SCORED POINTS – FOR THE DEFENSE. Jinggoy may have had a different intent for asking witness Giovanni Ng about the discounts given to Corona in the purchase of the Bellagio property. Ng said it’s their practice to give 15% discount if buyers pay on shorter terms, but he added that Corona got a bigger discount because the unit had to be rectified/ reworked. “There was also global financial crisis during that time, and that the bearish market had to be factored in the pricing.” Sen. Estrada didn’t press any more questions. Did I see Justice Cuevas again flashing that impish smile?

2. DRILON WAS NOT IN HOT PURSUIT. Drilon also asked Giovani Ng about the discount given to Charina Corona for the 2.3M for the P6.2-million McKinley Hill property she acquired in Taguig City in 2008. Ng didn’t give any reason. Drilon wisely didn’t pursue. If he pursued the questions, would he have elicited another reply favorable to the defense?


JUSTICE CUEVAS TO WITNESS GIOVANNI NG: “Did you see in the document that Renato Corona is written as attorney-in-fact?” NG: “Yes.” CUEVAS: Did you see whether the payments were made by Renato Corona?” NG: “No, sir.” CUEVAS: “You did not inquire?” NG: “May you repeat the question, sir.” CUEVAS: “You should listen because I’m already old.”


1. ENRILE TO WITNESS GIOVANNI NG: “Articulate your vowels and consonants.”

2. LOREN LEGARDA attended the trial for the first time. No, I didn’t read any story about her dramatic entrance.

3. SPEECHLESS NO MORE. At last, Sen. Revilla delivered a spiel about the need to speed up the proceedings by reviewing the list of witnesses, in order to focus on equally urgent matters of the Senate. Next time, may we hear from Lito Lapid and break his – uhh – silence?

4. ENRILE: “Lay your cards on the table and remove those without probative value.”

5. At one point, Justice Cuevas prefaced his question with “I suppose you didn’t…” – which could be interpreted by the prosec lawyer as a leading question. Nakalusot naman. Cuevas smiled like a cat.

6. PRIMARY VERSUS CORROBORATIVE WITNESSES. Senator Miriam had to stay home as per doctor’s advice, but that didn’t’ stop the brilliant senator to admonish the prosecution to distinguish primary from corroborative witnesses. In my understanding, the corroborative witnesses may just nod their heads to agree with what the primary witness said, right? I therefore suggest that Tupas prepare videos of these witnesses all nodding their heads once a primary witness is done, and assign Cong. Farinas to do it. I know Farinas does excellent videos, right? But it should be on digital, not betamax, version.

7. TWO LONG MINUTES. When senators spoke, Sen Enrile seldom sets the time limit, but when Sen. Alan Cayetano took the floor today, Enrile immediately declared: “You have 2 minutes.”

Photo credits: Philippine Senate website

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