Blogging could start a Revolution

Revolution from different definitions means CHANGE. Whether from politics or organization, there’s always resistance and always if not seldom means sacrificing. Internet is very powerful. I attended an Internet forum at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Laguna way back 17 years ago. The speaker was a graduate of AMA Computer College and worked from JP Morgan in New York City USA. He started in IBM after he graduated. He discussed that Internet evolves and somewhat the change is as faster as the bullet going up same thing when it’s going down. Internet is free just like our “Freedom of Speech” . When Gat. Jose Rizal used this powerful tool, he got excommunicated and prosecuted in his own land by the foreigners and sad to say by his fellow Filipinos. Through writing or blogging, everything is ours. A blogger is empowered to write everything. Empower that the whole universe is possible to be conquered.

If one recalls the “Love Bug virus” a student from AMA Computer College in Makati hacked the “White House” with all the secret information of the first world country. Revolution is just one click away, with the use of Twitter and Blogging or Social media with the power of Direct message and Private message, a group of digital social activist could start a revolution.

From one physicist in the name of Dean Jorge Bocobo, there’s no late bloomer in Blogging. One could be a professional blogger in just a span of one month. Because blogging is new and people just started to become aware about the use and power of the internet just recently. So what is blogging? From Erica who is a novelist from Huffington Post, “Blogging is the only addiction that won’t make you fat, drunk or stoned. But it might make you so hungry for instant gratification that your books get’s shorter.”

A Software consultant sent a book about blogging but what is a blog? It is a fundamental level which is simply a “web blog.” That is the regularly updated amount of events or like a diary but posted for everyone to see or view. This is a new form of human communication in which it is the easier way to start a revolution, in just one single click, communication can be done and send from different parts of the world. In just one single click, it could start a life changing revolution.