Quo Vadis Pope Francis?

By Bernie Lopez

Now that the dust of celebrations and euphoria over the Papal interregnum has somewhat settled down, there is a need for the Papacy to face squarely and immediately the emerging Church crisis. His major pronouncements on focus on the poor, planned dialogues with nations such as China, and with the Jews and the Muslims, are most welcome, but there is a deeper concern which needs urgency, namely the emerging Church crisis, which will be the litmus test of his reign.

Upon ascending the throne, Pope Francis faced a whirlwind of both praises and criticisms in the global media and the Internet. The praises included his being down to earth, able to commute without security, love of the poor, and so on. But the criticisms dwarf the praises by far – his controversial past in Argentina, his alleged ties with the oppressive military regime, which carried out murders of leftists whose children became deparecidos (the ‘disappeared’), presumably brainwashed on the regime’s ideology in secret camps, alleged cover-up and non-disclosure of the regime’s crimes, and so on.