Noisy minority

Eight months after the May 2010 elections  passed us by, yet the President talks like a candidate. Instead of winning the “noisy minority” over, he prefers to goad them.   Ang_mungo  is saddened with this latest swipe because he believes that the “atmosphere is currently divisive and yet you have a President who talks that way.” In my article, “Where is the roadmap for change, President Aquino?”, I stressed the importance of listening to the critics especially those that do not carry a political agenda. If he only listens to the “Yes Men” or the whispers of  the “silent majority”, he will not hear the voice of the people. I feel the President is too sensitive towards criticism. Is popularity getting into his head, just because a great majority of the people trust him and thus, he can do no wrong?

Instead of rambling vague statements like “noisy minority” and “malicious practices of the past”, what about  turning the focus on uniting and rebuilding this nation? True, political challenges exist.  He must  then foster open communication with political and ideological groups. The President needs to allow well-meaning members of the civil society, citizen watch dogs,  the academe, and people’s organizations to remain engaged in policy-making.  “If Aquino loses his grasp of the grassroots situation and only believes in what his close in associates report to him, the President will slowly lose an objective assessment of reality and will, like his predecessors, be totally isolated, thinking that he is doing a nice job when the opposite is being experienced by the people.”

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Noisy minority, are you here?

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