Download the NAMFREL app and help ensure integrity of the 2022 elections

The spirit of volunteerism is everywhere and it is unlike anything seen before in an election. People are contributing, donating, volunteering time and effort for their candidates.

Here’s another way you can volunteer!

The National Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) is also calling on volunteers to help them check on the integrity of the 2022 elections by downloading an app they just launched.

The NAMFREL app can be downloaded from either Google Play or the App Store (just search “NAMFREL”). For it to work, the volunteer’s phone has to have a camera, GPS, and data connection in order to submit data. All smartphones have a camera and GPS so anyone with one can be a volunteer.

Take note: This is NOT a vote count app. Rather, it tests the data integrity of the Vote Counting Machine as well as a precinct’s election returns.

To sign up, one can use your Facebook, Google, or Apple login details.

The app has 4 features:

Announce – this section shows you all announcements made by NAMFREL

Bandwidth – It is important for NAMFREL to know if a particular precinct’s area has a strong signal so that the VCM can transmit the election results readily.

ER Photo – One copy of the Election Return (ER) is pasted outside each precinct even before the results are transmitted. Volunteers are asked to take photos of the top and bottom portions of the ER. The top portion contains the Results Hash. This alphanumeric code series is UNIQUE to a precinct’s results. It is like a fingerprint. This will be compared with electronically transmitted results.

The bottom portion contains the VCM hash code. This code series is a VCM’s identity and should be the same for ALL VCMs. This code will be compared by NAMFREL with the hash code on Comelec’s website and any difference will be reported to Comelec.

Report – This will allow you to report incidents. To do this, you need to register as a NAMFREL volunteer. Go to to sign up.

NAMFREL’s aim is to get volunteers to cover at least 1 precinct for every congressional district (there are about 700+ congressional districts nationwide). Even if several volunteers submit data from the same precincts, NAMFREL said that is welcome because then they are able to confirm a precinct’s ER integrity from different sources.

Watch the video below to learn how to use the app.

Visit for other information about the 2022 elections.