Pink is the new hope

HER outfit of the day caption, “2022 is looking pink. She is my president” on Instagram caught my attention. It was a fashion statement from a vlogger with a huge following. She is making a stand. In the age of half-truths, disinformation and propaganda, fact checkers are not enough. We need more truth-tellers.

In the past three national elections, I never shared my presidential candidate because I wanted to stay neutral. Instead, I came out with a “consider list” based on a selection criterion. When BlogWatch, our citizen media group, launched our Voter Education portal in 2009, our goal was to cover underplayed stories such as candidates’ platform and vision for the country. During that period, journalists tend to fire up election violence or cover mudslinging or scandals and the exchange of accusations between parties and politicians becomes “entertainment.” What interested me were the underplayed stories that the media needed to cover, such as voters’ education, campaign fund sources and expenditure, and background of candidates, especially their personal background and political background. Today, all the media are covering these stories. I need to shift direction in the time when social media will play a bigger role in the 2022 National and Local Elections. Making a stand is pushing for what I believe is right for our country. As Vice-President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo said, “Take a stand, and I assure you, others will stand beside you.”

Inside the echo chamber of my social media network, I am amazed to see profile photos, stories, tweets and posts showing support for her presidential run. Most pink-colored tweets showed hope.

“No more voting for the lesser evil. Pink is the new color of HOPE.”

“The fact that they’re speaking out now and letting everyone know where they stand gives me hope.”

“In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay.”

“Just as I thought that this country is doomed, a sign of HOPE appeared. And its color is PINK.”

“Not sure of what hope looks like, but it looks good in pink!”

“So, wearing pink ALONE is not enough. Help spread the message of hope beyond the garment.”

READ: PINK inspires hope but the battle for good governance is long and painful

Dine Racoma posted on that “PINK inspires hope, but the battle for good governance is long and painful. Let me share an excerpt:

“Pink appears to signal hope for those who have already decided that the Dutertes or the Marcoses are too powerful to be beaten. The unexpected expression of support dispels the notion that it would have been better for Robredo to let the survey frontrunners pursue the fight. It has reinvigorated supporters of good governance who have partially accepted defeat in the face of the lingering popularity of the President and the apparent political weakness of the Vice President.

“Pink has made many believers in competent and honest governance, hopeful that it is possible to block six more years of a Duterte in Malacañang or the return to power of the Marcoses. It has inspired many to do something, as it appears there is a chance to elect someone with the dignity, capability, integrity, and vision befitting a national leader. It has energized a base of voters or Filipinos in general who are seeking better governance and a rejection of historical revisionism.”

Edna Aquino, an admin of Seniors for Leni, suggests a workaround on our lack of mobility. Go beyond your demographics. Aquino suggests that “we can talk to salesgirls, cashiers, waiters and waitresses, taxi, tricycle and jeepney drivers, Grab riders, delivery boys, golf caddies, yayas, etc. These are the voters belonging to the D and E groups and need to be assisted in making their decision. Let us do our part. ”

For every false news or stories of my candidate, I will share and amplify the facts. Supporters need to get out of their filter bubble and win the hearts and minds of the skeptics and undecided. We play a critical role as truth-tellers in a post-truth world that continues to deceive, misinform, and confuse. Wear pink and explain why there is hope.

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First published at Manila Times on October 17, 2021.