[Joint Statement] We Reject the Terror Bill

Why do our government officials always think law and order, peace and security can be realized only at the expense of our rights?

We, journalists, media organizations, civil society groups, academics and other concerned individuals unequivocally reject the anti-terror bill that the House of Representatives railroaded through the wholesale adoption of Senate Bill No. 1083, to do away with the bicameral committee conference hasten its passage and enactment into law.

Let us be clear about one thing: We are against terrorism.

However, bad as the Human Security Act of 2007 is, this bill, should it become law, would be much worse, so much that it would be more apt to call it the Terror Bill.

Not only does this proposed law grant an “Anti-Terror Council” the power to designate, on mere probable cause, persons or entities as terrorists or terrorist groups, it also allows the Anti-Money Laundering Council, an ATC member, to freeze the assets of these persons or groups, all without granting them the opportunity to defend themselves and refute any information against them.

Worse, the proposed law would also allow the ATC to authorize the detention without judicial warrant of arrest of suspects for up to 14 calendar days, extendible by another 10 days.

These clearly violate the Constitution’s guarantee to due process and constitutes a usurpation of judicial power.

Worse, this bill would worsen the impunity with which many of our laws and rights are violated by the very ones sworn to protect and uphold these by doing away with the stiff penalties intended to prevent any abuse of this legislation’s most draconian measure, the extrajudicial arrest and detention of suspects.

The bill also poses mortal danger to the principles of freedom of the press and of expression in Section 9 defining the crime of “inciting to terrorism,” which can be committed “by means of speeches, proclamations, writings, emblems, banners or other representations of the same” and is punishable by 12 years in prison.

This provision is, however, prone to broad application much like this and previous administrations have used the existing offenses of inciting to sedition and rebellion to quell free speech and intimidate critics.
In effect, reportage on persons and groups deemed terrorist, or even merely repeating what they say, could be interpreted as committing inciting to terrorism.

While we all agree that the fight against terrorism is important and needs the participation and cooperation of everyone, we maintain that the proposed law is open to abuse by despotic governments to visit terror against critics and the people in general.

If a law to fight terrorism is to be contemplated, let the respect and defense of human rights be the paramount consideration.



1. Aba Lluch Dalena, artist

2. Abet Umil, Writer

3. AC Himaya Tupas

4. Aisac James S. De Leon

5. Aiyanas Ormond – Alliance for People’s Health – Canada

6. Aizelle Lirio, Anakbayan – Cavite State University

7. AK Ocol, visual artist

8. Akie Yano, SIKAD

9. Alan Villanueva Jr., Newspaper Writer, The Spectrum – USLS

10. Albert Ascona

11. Albert Fontanilla, fashion designer

12. Albert Lee, journalist

13. Albert Lopez- Canada-Philippines Solidarity, Vancouver

14. Alfonso Manalastas, Artist

15. Alleah Guardamano

16. Alma Anonas-Carpio, journalist

17. Alvin James Magno, News Editor, UPLB Perspective

18. Ana Portia Banal, teacher

19. Analyn Mirano,Secretariat staff,Defend Patrimony Southern Negros

20. Ange Ibones, STAND, USC

21. Angel Mendiola, Acting Vice-president- University of San Carlos Supreme Student Council

22. Angela A. Coronel, Web Administrator, The Spectrum – USLS

23. Angela Santos – Sandugo

24. Angelo Despi, Photojournalist, The Spectrum – USLS

25. Angelo Jamandre, Anakbayan – Cavite State University

26. Angelo Suarez, Sama-samang Artista para sa Kilusang Agraryo (SAKA)

27. Anna Eleazar

28. Anthony Cabarles, LFS – PUP

29. Anton Delos Reyes

30. Antonio J. Montalvan II

31. Archy Mauricio

32. Ariadne Cristobal

33. Arianne Chuidian

34. Ariel Hans Cervantes, Philippine Press Institute

35. Arnold Alamon, board member, Davao Today

36. Atty Chris Linag

37. Atty John Ray Concepcion

38. Atty Michael Edgar Robles

39. Atty Wilfred D. Asis, regional coordinator, FLAG Caraga

40. Atty. Beverly Selim-Musni, NUPL

41. Atty. Catherine Dannug Salucon, NUPL

42. Atty. Democrito Barcenas, Regional Coordinator, FLAG Central Visayas

43. Atty. Edre Olalia. NUPL

44. Atty. Edwin Dela Cruz, NUPL

45. Atty. Ephraim Cortez, NUPL

46. Atty. Evalyn Ursua

47. Atty. Fajima Tajar, NUPL

48. Atty. Jobert Pahilga, NUPL

49. Atty. Josalee Deinla, NUPL

50. Atty. Jose Manuel I. Diokno, Chairman, Free Legal Assistance Group

51. Atty. Katherine Panguban, NUPL

52. Atty. Luchi Perez, NUPL

53. Atty. Maria Sol Taule, NUPL

54. Atty. Minerva Lopez, NUPL

55. Atty. Noemi Truya-Abarientos, NUPL

56. Atty. Odina Batnag, NUPL

57. Atty. Rachel Pastores, NUPL

58. Atty. Theodore O. Te, Regional Coordinator, FLAG Metro Manila

59. Audrey Beltran, Cordillera Human Rights Alliance

60. Aura Mae Agbay, Chairperson – University of the Philippines Cebu Student Council

61. Ava Mae Therese R. Callos, staffer, The Apprentice

62. Axeleth Dahonog, Editor-in-chief, The Knight Publication

63. Ayvee Opelenio, Philippine Normal University (PNU Chorale)

64. Azriel Domingo

65. Bart Guingona, President, pagbabago@pilipinas Foundation

66. Basilio Bacor, Jr., KADLiT

67. Bea Sigua

68. Beatrice de Blasi- Mandacaru? Onlus (Member of the national consortium altromercato)/ Journalist

69. Beca Vine Linoy, Himati Publication – UP Mindanao

70. Bella Perez-Rubio, Philstar.com

71. Bern Canedo, Spokesperson – Youth Act Now Against Tyranny Cebu

72. Bernard Testa, photojournalist

73. Berns Mitra, Editor-in-chief – Today’s Carolinian

74. Bing Bing Austria


76. Bishop Antonio N. Ablon, Europe Chaplaincy – Iglesia Filipina Independiente

77. Bishop Broderick Pabillo




81. Bishop Gerardo Alminaza, Diocese of San Carlos, Co-Convenor of Church People and Workers Solidarity






87. Bobby Sardea

88. Bodjie Pascua, Actora

89. BP Valenzuela

90. Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC, Provincial Superior – De La Salle Brothers in East Asia

91. Br. Tagoy Jakosalem, OAR, Secretary General, Pusyon Kinaiyahan

92. Brian Arda

93. Bryan Elijah Trajano, writer and student

94. Brynch Bonachita, Coordinator, College Editors Guild of the Philippines Cebu

95. Cabring Cabrera, Vox, Datu’s Tribe

96. Camille Diola, Philstar.com

97. Carina Samantha Santos

98. Carl Cortez- Coordinator, Canada-Philippines Solidarity, British Columbia

99. Carl Gerale, Literary Editor, The Spectrum – USLS

100. Carlo Bernardino – CAP

101. Carlos Bautista, Broadcaster

102. Catalina Ricci Madarang, InterAksyon

103. Chad Booc, Campaigns and Advocacy, ALCADEV

104. Charlie Laureta, artist

105. Che Dominguez, NGO worker, Synergy for Sustainable Development

106. Ched Rick Gatchalian

107. Chickoy Pura

108. Chris Sorio- Chairperson, Bayan Canada

109. Christal Dawn Clavejo Avenido

110. Christian Dominic Ledesma, Web Administrator, The Spectrum – USLS

111. Christian Sembrino, Executive Vice President – National Union of Students of the Philippines

112. Christine Lontoc

113. Chuck Manansala

114. Cindy Cruz-Cabrera

115. Claire Ann Delfin, former Science and Technology Editor, The Junior Advocate

116. Claire Michaela Obejas, Vice President for Visayas, College Editors Guild of the Philippines

117. Clarisa Ramos, ED PDG,Inc kabankalan city

118. Clarisse Caniedo

119. Clarizza Singson, Karapatan Negros

120. Cong Corrales, journalist

121. Corinne Garcia

122. Crimson Labinghisa, board member, IAWRT

123. Cristina Palabay, Karapatan Secretary General

124. Cristina Santiago, Filmmaker

125. Cynthia Tabernilla

126. Cyrus Adrian Rom, Spokesperson, ANAKBAYAN-Cebu

127. Dan Gaffud , Bookfellas

128. Danelle Ortiz – Gabriela BC, canada

129. Daniel Jude Anilao, KADLiT Press

130. Danielle Grace, Editor-in-Chief, Lizette Publication

131. Danilo Arao, associate editor, Bulatlat

132. Danilo N. Tabura, KMP spokesperson, Negros

133. David C. Suico, SK councilor Barangay Day-As, Cebu City – USC SSC Councilor

134. David Geslani

135. Dee Supelanas, Deputy Secretary General for Membership – Katipunan ng mga Sanggunian ng Mag-aaral sa UP (KASAMA sa UP)

136. Deni Rose Afinidad-Bernardo, Philstar.com

137. Denzel Yorong, Filmmaker – Index Media Group

138. Derick Antolin, SIKAD

139. Dexter Daran

140. Diana Non, Sigma Delta Pi Sorority

141. Dianne Sanchez, Photos Editor, UPLB Perspective

142. Dido Dela Paz, Actor

143. Dino Maragay, Philstar.com

144. Diokno Pasilan, artist

145. Divine D. Didal, Sigma Delta Pi Sorority

146. Don Emmanuel L. Nolasco, college instructor, Adamson University

147. Don Vittorio C. Villasin, teacher

148. Donato Alvarez

149. Donna Miranda, Sama-samang Artista para sa Kilusang Agraryo (SAKA)

150. Doris Abellanosa Siao, senior citizen

151. Dr. Edith Burgos

152. Dr. Justine Kaye La Torre, LFS – UE Chapter

153. Dr. Regi Pamugas

154. Drexel John N. Amit,Newspaper Writer, The Spectrum – USLS

155. Dulce Sanchez, journalist

156. Dwight Gaston, Actor

157. Earl John Pabular, Illustrator, The Spectrum – USLS

158. Ed Lingao, journalist

159. Ed Samuel A. Bacaltos, Member – Health Alliance for Democracy, Cebu

160. Edgardo Legaspi, citizen

161. Edsa Manalapaz

162. Efigenio Toledo IV, Philstar.com

163. Eleanor de Guzman, Workers Resistance Against Tyranny

164. Eli Aisser

165. Eli Sepe

166. Ellen T. Tordesillas, VERA Files

167. Elmeer Meeynard D. Calimpos

168. Elmer Forro, secretary general, Bayan Panay

169. Elmer Labog, Kilusang Mayo Uno Chairperson

170. Elnora Ebillo

171. Elson T. Elizaga, public writer

172. Emily Garcia

173. Eric Ramos, screenwriter

174. Ethel De Borja, Patolang Pilipina

175. Euden Valdez, Philstar.com

176. Eunice Barbara Novio, journalist and academic

177. Federico Boyd Dominquez, artist

178. felipe levy gelle, DepSec – S21M southern negros

179. Fides Lim, Kapatid Spokesperson and writer

180. Fr. Allen Khen Apus, Iglesia Filipina Independiente

181. fr. melvin fajardo, PCPR-Negros spokesperson

182. Fr. Wilfredo Ruazol, Iglesia Filipina Independiente

183. Frances Summer Dale V. Dy

184. Francine Marie S. Sabio, Youth Advocates for the Philippines

185. Francine Marquez

186. Franco Luna, Philstar.com

187. Frank Cimatu, Cordillera News Agency

188. Frans Anacis Garcia, The Sea Hunter Publication

189. Franz Alverio

190. Gabryl Ponce, Associate Editor, The Knight Publication

191. Gaea Cabico, Philstar.com

192. Gang Badoy, Rock Ed Philippines

193. Gary Santiago Roxas

194. Geela Garcia

195. Geromae Hope A. de la Fuente, President, Association of Campus Journalists (Region V); Associate Editor, The Apprentice

196. Gerome Nicolas Dela Peña, teacher and writer

197. Gerry Borlagdatan

198. Gianne Bernabe, Producer

199. Ginny Mata, Food writer

200. Glemir Sordilla

201. Hana Patricia Hautea, Magazine Editor, The Spectrum – USLS

202. Hanna Crisostomo

203. Hannah Sigrid G. Durias, Literary Editor, PnC Herald

204. Harmon Ric J. Cayaon, Editor-in-chief, WPU Collegian

205. Haydn Lagunay

206. Hazel Mae Pacheo, Anakbayan – Cavite

207. Hector Barretto Calma, Filmmaker

208. Herbie Gomez, editor in chief, Mindanao Gold Star Daily

209. Herle Caldoza

210. Hide Kimura- journalist, Waseda Chronicles

211. Howell Villacrucis, Spokesperson – Kabataan Partylist Cebu

212. Ian Lomongo, Actor

213. Iggy Rodriguez, artist

214. Inday Espina-Varona, Let’s Organize for Democracy and Integrity (LODI)

215. Ira Deña

216. Irene Cunanan

217. Iris Cecilia Gonzales, Philippine Star

218. Isabela Therese Dedel

219. J. Avelino, graduate student

220. Jace Grant Cayot

221. Jaime Fabregas, Actor

222. Jaira Krishelle Balboa, Philstar.com

223. James Masangya, Features Editor, UPLB Perspective

224. James Relativo, Pilipino Star Ngayon

225. Jamie Tabing, Gabriela Network of Professionals PH

226. Jan Dabao

227. Jan Ivan Famatiga, Editor-In-Chief, The Builders/Pandayan

228. Jan Kashmir Tan, Staff Writer, Pioneer Publication – PSU

229. Jane Uymatiao, Blogwatch

230. Janine Quintana, Musician

231. Jaspher Salonga Aquino, Anakbayan – Laguna

232. Jass Sacdalan, Anakbayan – Kalayaan

233. Jay Apiag, Secretary-General – Karapatan-Southern Mindanao

234. Jay Vladimir P. Samar, Internal Vice-Chairperson, Bicol University: League of Democrats; Junior Councilor, Bicol University – University Student Council

235. Jayced Aubrey Dela Torre, senior staff writer, WPU Collegian

236. Jayvie Cabajes , VP for Mindanao – Kabataan Partylist

237. Jazer Adriel Castillon, Antique National School

238. JC Punongbayan, University of the Philippines School of Economics

239. Jeline Malasig, InterAksyon

240. Jelson Darryl Figuerres

241. Jen Flora

242. Jen Hagonoy, Coordinator – SCMP Cebu

243. Jerbert Briola, Human Rights Online Philippines

244. Jeremiah Carag Sulong UBC and Malaya Canada

245. Jesson Reyes- Executive Director Migrant Rights Center Canada

246. Jet Cunanan

247. Jevi Quitain, CEGP – Laguna coordinator

248. Jhamela Tejome, Media Artist of Pelikulove

249. Jing Garcia, news editor

250. JM Reyes

251. Joahanna Veloso, Associate Vice President for Visayas – National Union of Students of the Philippines

252. Joel Pablo Salud, editor

253. John Albert M. Pagunsan,

254. John Carlo S. Gloria, Ateneo De Manila University and University of Santo Tomas

255. John Ian Alenciaga, coordinator/spokesperson, AlterMidya Panay (Panay Today, Dampig Katarungan, Panaysayon)

256. John Lazaro, Samahan ng Progresibong Kabataan (SPARK)

257. John Lozande, National Federation of Sugar Workers, secretary general

258. John Michael A. Miralles, DepEd

259. John Nery, columnist, Philippine Daily Inquirer

260. John Paul Punzalan, student, campus journalism advocate

261. John Robert B. Magsombol, PUP – Santa Maria, Bulacan

262. Johnrich Ilagan

263. Jojo Riñoza

264. Jonathan de Santos, Philstar.com

265. Jonathan Domingo

266. Jose Norman Lo

267. Jose Paolo Cervantes

268. Joselito Altajeros, film director

269. Joselle Palero, Kabataan Partylist

270. Joseph Garcia

271. Josh Louise Reverente, News Editor, Ang Hulmahan

272. Joshua L. Mahilum. Newspaper Editor, The Spectrum – USLS

273. Joshua Mayo, Staffer, The Knight Publication

274. Joshua O. Villalobos

275. Joshua Villamar, independent dance artist

276. Joy Ann Clado, Anakbayan – Cavite

277. Juan Sebastian Evangelista, Editor-in-Chief, UPLB Perspective

278. Julia Pauline Puno, Program on Building Democracy and Claiming Civic Spaces, APRN

279. Jullia Marie Serrano, President, Youth for Environment in Schools Organization

280. Jun Sabayton, Filmmaker

281. Juniesy M. Estanislao, Junior High School Teacher

282. Justin Santos, Philippine Normal University (Faculty of Arts and Languages)

283. Justin Viktor Domingo, United Methodist Church

284. Kariza Montealegre

285. Karl Brian Marqueza, Photos and Videos Editor, The Spectrum – USLS

286. Karl Gabriel A. Bonifacio, MD, Doctor to the Barrio-Rural Health Physician

287. Karl Patrick Wilfred M. Suyat, writer; CEGP – Laguna staffer

288. Kat Llemit

289. Kate Lim

290. Katrina Ridon, Physician

291. Kayoko Teshigawara- Stop the Attacks Campaign – Japan

292. Keilah N. Baldomar, Photojournalist, The Spectrum – USLS

293. Kelvin Paulino

294. Kerby Q. Cañaveral, Boy Scouts of the Philippines; Radio Anchor, The Matrix

295. Kevin Feliciano – Anakbayan Toronto

296. Khryss Arañas, Project Pesante, Anakbayan – Naga City

297. Kiara Nicole Villa, Editorial Assistant, The Spectrum – USLS

298. King Palisoc, Filmmaker

299. Kobi Tolentino, Anakbayan – Southern Tagalog

300. Krishelle Faith G. Bael, Associate Editor, The Apprentice

301. Kristine Daguno-Bersamina, Philstar.com

302. Kristine Joy Patag, Philstar.com

303. Kristine Ong Muslim

304. Kristine Paula Bautista, Managing Editor, UPLB Perspective

305. Kristofer Purnell, Philstar.com

306. Krix San Gabriel

307. Kyle Aristophere Atienza, correspondent, Manila Today

308. Kyle Marianne Robosa Emedis, Editor-in-Chief, The Simurai

309. Lance Christian M. Juarez, Editor-in-Chief, The Spectrum – USLS

310. Lara Grace M. Palay, UPV Skimmers

311. Lara Maestro- (Sulong UBC-ANAKBAYAN Canada)

312. Larren Jo Basilio, United Methodist Church

313. Larry Argilles, Spokesperson – Transmision-Piston, Southern Mindanao

314. Lawrenze Empleo, News Editor, The Knight Publication

315. Lean Porquia, BIEN Philippines

316. Lee Jann Philippe S. Abes, Program on Building Democracy and Claiming Civic Spaces, APRN

317. Lena Cobangbang, Artist

318. Leny Espina

319. Lex Castillo, SK Kagawad

320. Lexter Ivan Cortez, Utopia – Cavite State University

321. Lisa Ito

322. Louie Garde,member AMMB Association Himamaylan City

323. Lourd de Veyra, writer

324. Lourdes Escaros, RMN

325. Lui Manansala, Actress

326. Lui Queano- Malaya Canada/ Radyo Migrante , Filipino Canadians Writers and Journalists Network (FCWJNet) Ontario Canada

327. Luis Liwanag

328. Lyndon John Lozano

329. Lynjones P. Rayel, Managing Editor, The Matrix

330. Ma. Angelica Blessing Agaid, Editor-In-Chief, PnC Herald

331. Ma. Jonalyn Ballaran, Costume Designer

332. Ma. Sophia Althea Benecio

333. Ma-an Asuncion-Dagñalan, Filmmaker

334. Maan D’Asis Pamaran

335. Mabel Robion

336. Mac Andre Arboleda, Managing Editor, UPLB Perspective

337. Mackoy Villaroman, Actor

338. Mae Paner, Artist

339. Malou Mangahas

340. Malu Maniquis, Filmmaker

341. Manny Bautista, lifetime activist

342. Marc Jason D. Autencio, Managing Editor, The WPU Collegian

343. Marchel Espina, NUJP-Bacolod

344. Marco Luciano – Migrante Alberta, Canada

345. Marcus Belisario

346. Marga Buenaventura

347. Margarita Valle, Davao Today

348. Maria Celin Intia

349. Maria Cruz, visual artist

350. Maria Ima Carmela L. Ariate, Program on Building Democracy and Claiming Civic Spaces, APRN

351. Maria Kristelle Jimenez, writer-editor; Founder of Rebo Press

352. Maria Socorro (Cookie) I. Diokno, Secretary General, FLAG

353. Maria Sol Pajadura – Chairperson, Migrante Canada

354. Maria Teofilina L. Morales – Iglesia Filipina Independiente

355. Marian Pastor Roces, independent curator and critic

356. Marielle Pagoto, Regional Coordinator – College Editors Guild of the Philippines- Southern Mindanao

357. Mario Cornejo, Filmmaker

358. Marius Carlos, Jr., senior journalist, BreakingAsia.com; Founder of KADLiT

359. Mark Anthony S. Salvador, University of the Philippines – Diliman

360. Mark Ernest Famatigan, Associate Editor, UPLB Perspective

361. Mark Estandarte

362. Maro Enriquez, freelance journalist, South China Morning Post/Davao Today

363. Martha Roberts – Alliance for People’s Health, Vancouver BC Canada

364. Marvin M. Lobos, PUP Sta. Mesa

365. Matt Reyno

366. Maui Mauricio, Filmmaker

367. Mayeth Racadag, student

368. Meg Lim, Convenor – Rise for Education Alliance, University of San Carlos

369. Melvin Gascon, journalist

370. Melvin Josh H. Revilla, Youth Advocates for the Philippines; National Union of Student in the Philippines

371. Mia Magdalena Longid, Teacher

372. Michael Angelo Casabar

373. Michael Cabardo, Filmmaker

374. Michael Gamala

375. Michelle Cervantes

376. Mideo M. Cruz

377. Miguel Mabanta

378. Mike Dagñalan, Filmmaker

379. Mitcher Buno, staffer, The Knight Pyblication

380. Monet Pura

381. Monster Jimenez, Filmmaker

382. Msgr. Meliton Oso, Director, Jaro Social Action Center, Archdiocese of Jaro

383. Mystro Yushi P. Fujii, former Circulating & Opinion Editor, The Junior Advocate

384. Naiah Albacea- Gabriela BC, Canada

385. Nathalie Dagmang

386. Neal Armand S. Pintor, student, University of the Philippines – College of Architecture

387. Neal Valencia

388. Neil Daza, Cinematographer

389. Neil Patrick Rodelas, Production Manager

390. Nerissa Maranon

391. Nica Dumlao, digital rights activist

392. Nin?a Cabardo, Writer

393. Noel Taylo

394. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado, Blogger, Citizen Advocate

395. Norberto Roldan, artist

396. Nuelle Duterte, MD

397. Paolo Arago

398. Patricia Geminiano, Managing Editor, The Knight Publication

399. Patricia Llonor

400. Patricia Lourdes Viray, Philstar.com

401. Patricia Tamesis Chua, student, University of Santo Tomas

402. Patrick Billojan, Online Editor, The Spectrum – USLS

403. Paul Galutera, former BPO worker

404. Paul Matthew Palima, staffer, The Apprentice

405. Paula Mae E. Villarosa. External Affairs Director, The Spectrum – USLS

406. Phoebe Bulotano, Chairperson – Gabriela Youth, USC

407. Pillar S. Bareddo, Secretary General – ACT Davao Region Union

408. PJ Dizon, Spokesperson – KMU- Southern Mindanao

409. Prech Mauricio, Editor

410. Princess Aujie Montante, staff writer, Pioneer Publication – PSU

411. Prof. Aurelio Agcaoili, Cultural Worker

412. Prof. Judy Taguiwalo, Former DSWD Secretary, Marcos Martial Law Political Prisoner

413. Rachel Ivy Reyes, campus journalist, The Heartbeat

414. Racquel De Loyola

415. Rafael Coscolluela, private citizen

416. Rajiv Idnani, Production Manager

417. Ralph Kenneth Sebastian, student, Jose Rizal University

418. Ramir Corcolon

419. Ramiro Gawan, NFSW- Murcia

420. Raniel Lorenzo, student

421. Ratziel San Juan, Philstar.com

422. Raul Regis, Jr.

423. Raymond Red, filmmaker

424. Red Batario, Center for Communication and Development Inc.

425. Red Ligot, SPARK

426. Red Mansueto, artist

427. Rep. Arlene Brosas, Gabriela Women’s Party

428. Rep. Eufemia Cullamat, Bayan Muna Partylist

429. Rep. Ferdinand Gaite. Bayan Muna Partylist

430. Rep. France Castro, ACT Teachers’ Party

431. Rep. Karlos Ysagani Zarate, Bayan Muna Partylist

432. Rep. Sarah Elago, Kabataan Partylist

433. Reuben Pio Martinez, Circulation Officer, UPLB Perspective

434. Rev Marie Sol Sioco-Villalon

435. Rev. Fr. Chris Gonzales, SAC Director, Diocese of Bacolod

436. Rev. Irma M. Balaba, UCCP Pastor

437. Rev. Jonathan R. Ulanday – PCPR-SOCSKSARGEN Region

438. Rey Abella

439. Rey Refran

440. REYCHEMVER CREDO, The NORSUnian, Associate Editor

441. Reylan Vergara, secretary general, Panay Alliance Karapatan

442. Reymund Pandanduyan

443. Reynald s. Cañafranca, visual artist

444. Rhea Gamana Bayan Canada

445. Rianno Emmanuel J. Domingo, student, UP Los Baños

446. Rica Nepumuceno

447. Ricka Marie Therese B. Encisa, Bicol University Polangui Campus-Community Health Action Volunteer

448. Rico Pineda Manansala, Administrative Pastor (Sta. Cruz), United Church of Christ in the Philippines

449. Right Revd. Allan C. Caparro, Bishop, Diocese of Negros Oriental – Igelsia Filipina Independiente

450. Right Revd. Romeo G. Tagud, Diocesan Bishop of Siargao, Mindanao Bishops Conference President, Member Ecumenical Bishops Forum

451. Rocky Nicor

452. Rogelio Braga, writer and playwright, Campaigns For Human Rights in the Philippines-United Kingdom

453. Rolando Inocencio, actor

454. Rolando O. Rillo, NFSW president

455. Roma Estrada

456. roman aguilar,member AFA association Himamaylan city

457. Roman Marcial D. Gallego, Tanggol Wika

458. Romana P. de los Reyes, Negrosanons Against the Coal-fired Power Plant

459. Romelito Pablo, Regional coordinator – National Federation of Labor Unions – NAFLU-KMU

460. Rona Co

461. Rory L. Ycong, student, PUP

462. Rosette Adel, InterAksyon

463. Rowena Bayon

464. Rowena Cahiles

465. Rupert Ambil

466. Ryan Greenlaw

467. Ryan Greenlaw- Kitchener-Waterloo Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines , Ontario Canada

468. Ryan Linley Lacano

469. Samira Gutoc

470. Sander Roy Baticados Ayala

471. Sarah Salise- Anakbayan Toronto

472. Sean Derrick M. Oliquiano, Editorial Writer, Banyuhay; Auditor, San Isidro Youth Organization

473. Sean Malabo, Associate Editor, Lizette Publication

474. Seven Dailisan

475. Sher-Anne Aquino Rediang

476. Soc Jose, Manggagawa sa Pelikula

477. Soliman Cruz, Actor

478. Sonny Africa, IBON Foundation

479. Sonya Castillo, Production Editor, UPLB Perspective

480. Sr. Mary Thomas Prado, OSB

481. Stanley Buenafe Gajete, news reporter of Kyoto News Japan

482. Stella Mae Sayco

483. Stella Marie Diaz Tiongson

484. Sue Prado, Actress

485. Sydney Alcala

486. Tara Lim

487. Ted Regencia, Al Jazeera English journalist

488. Thadeus Ermitano

489. The Most Revd. Rhee M. Timbang, Obispo Maximo – Iglesia Filipina Indepndiente

490. Tisha Pamela Jose, student

491. Tom Estrera III

492. Tony de Jesus, Migrante Que?bec

493. Trisha Joy H. Maldonado

494. Trishia Legson, Editor-in-Chief, The Junior Advocate

495. Trixie Concepcion, Environmentalist

496. Tyrone Velez, SunStar Davao

497. Very Revd Christopher N. Ablon,

498. Victor Villanueva, Filmmaker

499. Voltaire Bohol, Liberal Party – Quezon City Chapter

500. Xiao Chua, Historian/Educator

501. Yason Banal, artist and academic

502. Yeng Camaclang- Gabriela BC, canada

503. Yna Ysabelle Arcenas

504. Yuichi Desquitado, Associate Editor, The Junior Advocate


1. #WeTheFuturePH

2. 2076Kolektib

3. ACT Teachers’ Party

4. Active Vista Center

5. Alliance of Concerned Students

6. Anakbayan – Metro Baguio High School

7. Anakbayan – Saint Louis University

8. Anakbayan Cordillera


10. Anakbayan UC

11. Anakbayan- University of Baguio

12. Anakpawis


14. Bahaghari UP Baguio

15. BALAOD Mindanaw

16. Bandilang Itim Editorial Collective

17. Bayan Muna Partylist


19. Bulatlat

20. Center for Lumad Advocacy and Services Inc. (CLANS-SOCKSARGENDS)

21. Climate Change Network for Community-based Initiatives, Inc.

22. College Editors Guild of the Philippines – Laguna

23. Concerned Artists of the Philippines

24. Concerned Artists of the Philippines

25. Consortium on Democracy and Disinformation

26. Cordillera Human Rights Alliance-Karapatan

27. Cordillera Movement Against Tyranny

28. Cordilleran Youth Center


30. Dapayan ti Kultura ti Kordilyera (DKK)

31. Davao Today

32. Defend Tampakan Movement

33. Democracy.Net.PH

34. Democratic Alliance of Students for Integrated Governance

35. Ecumenical Bishops Forum

36. Federation of Free WorkersYouth for Climate Hope

37. FLAG

38. Foundation for Media Alternatives

39. Free Jonas Burgos Movement

40. Freedom from Debt Coalition

41. Friends of the farmers- Mindanao State University Chapter

42. Gabriela Panay and Guimaras

43. Gabriela Women’s Party

44. Gabriella SOCKSARGENDS

45. Gerry Roxas Leadership Awardees Negros

46. Iglesia Filipina Independiente

47. Index Media Group

48. Innabuyog Gabriela Youth – UPB

49. Innabuyog-Gabriela Youth SLU

50. Kabataan Para sa Karapatan – Negros Oriental

51. Kabataan Partylist

52. Kabataan Partylist Panay

53. Kadamay Panay



56. Kilab Multimedia

57. Kilusang Mayo Uno- SOCKSARGENDS

58. KMU Panay

59. Kodao Productions

60. La Consolacion College Bacolod

61. League of Filipino Students Metro Baguio

62. Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE)

63. Let’s Organize for Democracy and Integrity (LODI)

64. Metro Manila Pride

65. Movement Against Tyranny,

66. National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers

67. Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute Inc

68. Northern Dispatch

69. NUJP Baguio-Benguet

70. NUJP Nueva Ecija

71. NUPL Panay

72. Ompong Solidarios

73. Outcrop

74. Pamanggas-KMP

75. Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

76. Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance

77. Philippine Press Institute

78. Piston Panay


80. Progressive Igorots for Social Action

81. RAK Ph Mountaineers


83. Samahan ng Progresibong Kabataan (SPARK)

84. Sama-Sama Artista Para sa Kilusang Agraryo (SAKA)

85. Sigma Delta Pi Sorority – UPB

86. Sigma Kappa Pi Fraternity – Metro Baguio

87. Sinagbayan

88. Students Alliance for the Advancement of Student’s Rights and Welfare (Stand Msu Gensan )

89. Tanghalang Bayan ng Kabataan sa Baguio

90. The BreakAway Media

91. The Department of Journalism, University of the Philippines

92. The JERKS

93. The Knight Publication

94. The Weekly Sillimanian


96. Today’s Carolinian, Official Student Publication of University of San Carlos, Cebu City

97. Union of Journalists of the Philippines – UP

98. Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura

99. UPLB Perspective

100. Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau

101. Youth Act Now Against Tyranny (YANAT) Baguio Benguet

102. Youth Empowering Youth Initiative