What are the issues thrown against the presidentiables?

by Eyriche Cortez, as originally posted in Facebook note.

What are the issues thrown against the presidentiables?

Mar Roxas – COMPETENCE (Look at his dismal performance at DOTC and DILG) and CONNECTION to PNoy (Will he continue the selective justice of this administration, for example?)

Jejomar Binay – CORRUPTION (Political dynasty, unexplained wealth and refusal to explain before the Senate hearing)

Grace Poe – COMPETENCE (first-termer senator and limited track record) and CITIZENSHIP (Is she really qualified as far as the basic residency requirement for the presidency?)
Rodrigo Duterte – COLD-BLOODED (or concerns regarding alleged human rights violations like summary executions in Davao)

Do we really have to settle for the lesser evil or do we look for somebody else?


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