February 11 is the DAY We Fight to STOP Cyber Martial Law, Mass Surveillance

Our fight against Cybercrime Law is not yet over. The Supreme Court still has not decided on its constitutionality or unconstitutionality and while we are waiting for a decision, we will continue fighting for our right to privacy and right to freedom of expression.

On February 11, there will be a global action against mass surveillance. The Cybercrime Law, once declared to be implemented, will become a tool for the Philippine government’s mass surveillance. As defenders of Internet freedom, we will be one with the world in the global protest. In line with this, we encourage you to join us in the following activities:

Feb 10 – “Eye Selfie” meme viral We will be having a viral campaign to tell the government that we are watching them too and that this time, we are fighting back. We encourage you to take a selfie of your eye, upload it on your social media accounts and use the hashtag # (watch out for updates on our facebook event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/581260318627556/)

Feb 11 – Protest at the Supreme Court On Feb 11, we will be at the Supreme Court to protest against the Cybercrime Law and mass surveillance.

Feb 11 – Sticker bombing at U-Belt in Manila At the same time of the protest at the Supreme Court, we will be giving out stickers at the University Belt in Taft, Manila to make them aware of the still existing Cybercrime Law and the dangers of mass surveillance.

We hope to see your participation in these activities. It is time we fight back!