Bantay ARMM Registration Update 3: Hakot to the max #ARMMGenReg

via Assemblywoman Samira Gutoc Tomawis

Tension in several registration centers in the usual hotspots was not as alarming as an eye-witness who alerted me just before midnight last night to some 10 armaks in Iligan City, awaiting to be filled up, and ready to go to Marawi City.

After informing the Brigade, we found out early morning that some two “armaks loaded of non-Meranaos” have been accosted in Saguiaran town by the army checkpoint and another THREE entering Mindanao State University from Piagapo. A Davao Bus Liner has allegedly gone to the Basak areas (first district).

Some one hundred passengers on board several vehicles, a van and jeep, are now being interrogated at Campo Ranaw. The reasons of passengers, who are a mix of Maranaos and non ARMM residents, in coming to Lanao range from visiting someone who passed away, to collect debts, among others.

Maguindanawans heard to have arrived in Tugaya are also heard to have gone to the first district. It is not clear if they are the same individuals.

Despite calls from ARMM assemblyman Gerry Hamja to insulate the registration from political personalities, some mayors have gone to the extent of disallowing the release of biometric machines disrupting registration in two registration centers.

Photo via Samira Gutoc-Tomawis