According to the Merriam Webster an opinion is “a view , judgement , appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter.”

Opinions are all about a persons view about a certain matter , but let’s go beyond the denotative meaning of it.

As time goes by , lands that were made dry by the social issues needs opinions that will water them, and make the tree of the society to grow and have a more united consensus.

Always remember that opinions are always there , whatever you do and wherever you stand opinions from different persons are always present.

Opinions must be based on facts. It is better to listen carefully before giving your view so that you will have an accurate one , because opinions are views from different people . Our opinions may vary , and that variation sometimes causes arguments of the two sides (the pro and anti) . Arguments are always there and no one can prevent it.

Always have a fact-based-opinions as they work well.