Because teenagers in the Philippines do not get pregnant

by Clarrise E.

Teenagers are just children with breasts and raging hormones. They know nothing of the complicated truths of the world and should be shielded from inconvenient facts that could tarnish their perfect views of our flawless universe.

They cannot choose for themselves for they do not have their own innate principles so responsible adults should be tasked to make the hard decisions for them. Because of their innocence, their eyes should be forever blindfolded and ears plugged from the sinful coil of earthly desires. Sex is bad, sex is immoral, sex should not be spoken in the sacred confines of an academic institution, nor publicly, nor anywhere else for that matter unless it is a speech about abstinence or the Virgin Mary.

Talking about sex with adolescents will lead to an increase in promiscuity because teenagers are a special kind of human specie who are more inclined to do something when presented with the dire consequences of such actions such as infections and pregnancy. Talking about ovulation and fertilization will wake up the thundering libido in each and every one of them, resulting to more premarital sex, more unplanned births and more abortions, because minors do not have any conscience.

Lastly, as mentioned before, no one should take away these children’s innocence, because the media and the internet is doing such a great job at that. There are no pornographic materials in the internet, no false information on websites, no sexually charged advertisements on billboards and on television shows. This is a great nation we live in where sexual intimacy is only present in the confines of a church-wed bedroom between a man and a woman who have been blessed by a God-fearing, non-SUV loving, non-homophobic, sexually abstaining Man of God.


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