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Ruffy Biazon: AA Resident, Anti Ordinance 01-2011, Pro RH and why he is embarassed

The Ordinance 01-2011 surprised the whole country and that’s why when the second public hearing was held last march 19, 2011 inside the auditorium of the posh Barangay Ayala, Alabang, everyone came including the Former Senator Aquilino Pimentel, Former Representative Riza Hontiveros Baraquiel, Former Department of Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral, Former Solicitor General Frank Chavez and Formel Congressman Rozzano Rufino “Ruffy” B. Biazon among other personalities.

Ruffy Biazon is a resident of Brgy. Ayala, Alabang, supporting the Reproductive Health Bill passage and an Anti- BAA Ordinance 01-2011. With his wit, direct answers to the issues, intelligent and objective answers win the hearts of the people who witnessed the second public hearing. A happily married resident spill the beans about why he is supporting the bill up to why he is embarrassed about one question.

Me: Why are you against the ordinance?

Ruffy: It was a poorly researched and sloppily written piece of legislation, to put it bluntly. The local government code says Barangay ordinances should be consistent with national and municipal laws. It even violated the LGC itself and it was procedurally and substantially wrong. It contradicts existing national laws and regulations.

Me: What is your definition about “when does life begins?”

Ruffy: answerable ba yan with life begins at 40? Hindi naman ito RH Bill related ha?

Me: It’s the continuation of my first question to you about ordinance.

Ruffy: Seriously, my personal opinion is that life begins when the fertilized egg gets implanted. But I’m willing to be educated. The definition is based on my scientific knowledge. I took up medical technology in college.

Me: But that’s the reason of the CBCP that’s why they are against the bill.

Ruffy: But I reiterate that my opposition to the ordinance is all about it’s procedural flaws and legal defects. But they are twisting facts that’s is why it’s difficult to side with them (CBCP). I am pro RH and anti ordinance.

Me: Does it mean that you are anti rh but anti aab ordinance?

Ruffy: I am pro RH and anti ordinance. But they’re separate discussions. But they’re separate discussions and I have other blog entries about my RH stand. You may browse through my blog .

Me: Nice to know rep but life begins at fertilization is why CBCP is against the RH Bill.

Ruffy: I’m a fierce born again Christian, but I don’t think public policy should have a bias towards a particular religious belief.

Me: I agree rep. so u r giving me a definition based on your moral belief or your religious belief?

Ruffy: I can’t give a definitive answer to that. My belief is salvation is a matter directly between God and me.
Me: I heard that two weeks ago from Victory Christian fellowship

Ruffy: that is the church I attend since 1993. I used to attend VCF in Cebu. I was a graduate of their leadership institute.

Me: Last March 19, Former Solicitor general Frank Chavez said you are good, and must take law, are you going to enroll?

Ruffy: If I decide to be lawyer by profession, maybe. But right now, just reading law books is enough for me.

Me: After the March 19 hearing, you became a hearththrob and comapring with the likes of Robert downey Jr, Derek Ramsey and Johnny Depp, any comment?

Ruffy: That’s make me feel embarrassed. My wife objects. Unique daw ako. And who am I to contradict my wife?

Me: Sorry rep, I thought you are a bachelor.

Ruffy: bachelor? Isn’t my “father figure” a giveaway? Ha ha!

Me: What is natural

Ruffy: Natural abortion is when the fertilized egg/zygote fails to proceed devt & dies on it’s own. Also known blighted pregnancy.

Me: Thank you rep

Ruffy: It was a pleasure


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BlogWatch received the “Best Story” Award for the First Data Journalism PH 2015 from the Open Knowledge Foundation and Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism “Aid Monitoring: Citizens’ Initial Efforts in the Wake of Typhoon Yolanda” . Forbes Philippines also garnered the same award.

BlogWatch receives the “Best Story” Award for the First Data Journalism PH 2015 from the Open Knowledge Foundation and Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism  for their story on “Aid Monitoring: Citizens’ Initial Efforts in the Wake of Typhoon Yolanda” . Forbes Philippines also received the same award.

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