#noynoying introduced on the ‘Day of Rage’ vs oil price hikes

Protesters demonstrated “how President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino is reacting to peoples’ problems. They called this demo as “Noynoying.” Instead of ‘planking,’ they do a little play-acting, or a parody, of “Noynoy” Aquino inaction on peoples’ pleas against the weekly oil price hikes.”

At about 6:00 pm @govph released a photo of the President busy at work:

Someone from Noisy Minority noticed details on the table such as DVD and TV remote control

Another photo of the President appears on the front cover of the March 16 Philippine Daily Inquirer. Many notice a copy of the newspaper on his table which makes the photo appear so posed. A tweep asks “what kind of watch is he wearing?”

A facebook group shows how it is done.

Watch the protest in this video:

Photo by MARYA SALAMAT of Bulatlat.com