Protests in Egypt continue on its 6th day

A new government was installed today by Mubarak . Yes the sixth day. It looks like it is only a reshuffling of his old cabinet members. He must be desperate. Alwafd party says the new government is not acceptable and the people are sticking to their demands . The message among the Egyptians is for the US to support the people. It is a matter of days now before USA withdraws support. I am hoping lives will be spared and the people get the regime change they want. It is apparent that Mubarak is resorting to desperate measures when hardened criminals are released from prisons to create more chaos in Egypt.

In the meantime. Egypt is having problems with food. Violence is still prevalent. Mubarak is not giving up. All I can say is I hope God be with the Egyptians as they continue the fight.

Here are photos, twitter reactions for the day curated by Storify.

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