Twitter discussion: Is a revolutionary government an option for the President ?

Four days ago when Arroyo was barred from leaving, @andoycastro asked “Does PNoy think he is Cory’s reincarnation operating under a revolutionary gov’t or totally clueless about what his attack dogs are doing? @eri_dee added “Dear PNoy, declare a 1 day revolutionary government so you can suspend the bill of rights.”

On Friday, a top defense official yesterday said declaration of a revolutionary government by President Aquino is an option to restore order in the country.

“When national security is threatened or at stake, a revolutionary government is an option for the President under the Constitution,” Department of National Defense (DND) spokesman Zosimo Paredes told reporters during the weekly Balitaan sa Rembrandt Hotel in Quezon City.

Anytime the national security or integrity is at stake, Paredes said the President is empowered to declare “his own government.”

Twitter discussion now ties the Secretary De Lima Supreme Court defiance to a revolutionary type of government. The Pageman poses the question “what if PNoy justifiably thinks that he inherited the legacy of a revolutionary government?…consider the retroactive continuity of a revolutionary government VIA BLOODLINE & “Dugong Bayani” rhetoric now makes sense! ;)”

@carloshconde tells @indayevarona that you “have to look at paredes’s statement in context of DND-AFP mindset. to them, a political fracas is always revolutionary.”

@JayR_12 believes that “if PNoy declares revolutionary gov’t, then it’ll be start of his downfall.”

@Article8Jester explains the Supreme Court showndown that “this is the problem with “media promulgations.” The statements of court officials, whether authorized or not, whether correct or wrong, morph into viral truth once broadcasted by media. This case is the perfect example. Marquez got it all wrong. In light of Sereno’s dissent, either he was lying or he was stupid. Either way, he should be sanctioned. If lawyers get to be disciplined for misrepresenting facts in a simple case, how much more a misrepresentation by the Court Administrator himself on national media regarding a case of national importance.”

Does the confusion of the past days make sense? Join us with our discussion.