Mass Actions to Urge Congress to Vote on the RH Bill all Set

At least 1,000 Reproductive Health (RH) advocates and supporters representing various non-government organizations (labor, academe, faith-based, business, development, women and youth sectors) along with some personalities, artists and celebrities – are all set to organize a series of mass actions to strongly urge Congress leadership to vote on the RH bill.

The mass action dubbed “10 Taon na ang RH Bill. Sobra Na, Tama Na!” aims to demonstrate advocates’ revulsion on how Congress is delaying the passage of a very crucial piece of legislation.

The RH Bill was first filed in 2001, re-filled every Congress, and is still languishing in the legislative mill.

For advocates, the more than 10 years of struggle for the passage of the RH bill is more than enough. Advocates say, “Now is the time for Congress to vote and pass the measure!”

“10 Taon na ang RH Bill. Sobra Na, Tama Na!”
A Series of Mass Actions to Call Congress to Vote on the RH Bill

14-16 November 2011
1:00PM to 7:00PM

South Wing Gate, House of Representatives
Batasan Complex, Quezon City

Chants, skits, songs, and talks will form part of the activity. Short program that will feature leaders, personalities and supportive lawmakers will highlight the action. Different speakers and photo-ops will be presented every day.