PHP 150 million PCSO intelligence funds disbursed in 6 months?

Senator Drilon showed exhibits of Commission on Audit that Rosario Uriarte, PCSO vice-chair and general manager spent 90 percent of the 150-million intelligence funds during first six months only of 2010.

2009-2010 PCSO schedule of check releases

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According to Uriarte, the intelligence funds “released in January 2010 were used for intelligence operations to strengthen the Small Town Lottery, a government initiative to replace illegal numbers games.”

The P150-million was to augment P60 million in funds that the PCSO used against text scammers, fixers, and the illegal sale of donated medicine.

Of the P150 million that the Office of the President approved for Uriarte’s use, the Commission on Audit said only around 14 million was left.

It was apparent Uriarte had difficulty giving answers to the committee. Why was there a need for HUGE funds for a small town lottery intelligence project? WHY? I am just as curious as Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. BUt her answer is not satisfactory

Enrile later criticized Uriarte for not “knowing what (she is) talking about.”

The strange thing is the previous board had no knowledge of the project. Manoling Morato abstained from signing the Small Town Lottery.

2008-2010 Intelligence Fund for Uriarte

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The senators look really puzzled over the use of the intelligent funds. Where are the suspects? What action was taken.

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