Baguio Cathedral priest tells pro-RH bill parishoners to leave

Priest in Baguio Cathedral tells parishioners: “Kung meron nakikimisa dito pero Pro-RH Bill…Please. Go out. It’s useless.” To make it worse the Baguio priest also hits RH Bill advocate Rissa Hontiveros. “Ang ganda-gandang babae niya…pero ang pangit-pangit ng stand niya.”

you can view video of TV Patrol news

@jeffcanoy was able to get Risa Hontiveros reaction:

The former legistlator said she was shocked by the priest’s statements.

“Nakaka-shock, nakakalungkot, nakakagalit. Can’t they let people worship in peace? Mahal na araw pa naman ngayon.”

“Don’t use the pulpit, which belongs to all the lay people, as attack vantage point,” she told ABS-CBN.

This is just so judgmental for the priest. The parishoners are there to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the mass , and not to listen to the priest’s stand on the Reproductive Health Bill. It is just too much for the priest to bring in politics. Why can’t they let them attend mass in peace? On the other hand, it is not surprising that the priest took this opportunity to deliver anti-RH Bill message since a lot of vacationers are now in Baguio. I think it is very sneaky way to deliver their anti-RH sentiments.

Many Tweeters are shocked at the priest.

@tinoychi says “Everybody’s raving about the Baguio Cathedral Priest. Mali nga naman siya. Baka nakalimutan niyang PARI lang siya at hindi siya DIYOS.” @clockman_6 believes that “People of the cloth shoo parishioners away should be removed from the church heirarchy, he simply lost touch of God!” @theonlybraync asks “so the church now is only for those people who does not support RH bill?Wow.”

@Joreimelrod finds it “Funny how priests could banish #RHBill advocates from mass, but let the corrupt trapos & gambling lords stay. Blessed are the rich indeed.”

It is indeed ironical says @clarriscent because ” … these are the same ppl hu preach abt love & acceptance & not judging people. #baguiopriest”