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Legislative Agendas

BIGGER PIE, BIGGER SLICE BILL: redefines the source(s) of funds which the national government shares with the local governments, leading to bigger amounts to be given to all local government units, from the provinces, cities, municipalities, all the way to the smallest barangays, to be called “SNT” or share in the national tax;

Bill making criminal the intentional withholding of travel documents and other government-issued identification documents for the purpose of getting money or some other form of benefit. This is meant to protect our Overseas Filipino Workers and OFW-applicants;

Philippine Boxers Welfare Bill: meant to protect our boxers so we can continue producing world champions by forcing the adoption of world-class safety standards in boxing as well as providing incentives and benefits to the boxers;

The Cordillera Autonomous Region Bill;

Bill providing for The Boy Scouts of the Philippines Charter;

The Social Housing Development and Finance Corporation Bill;

Amusement Industry Safety Board Bill;

Bill requiring Mandatory Training in the Identification of Dead Bodies for Local Health Officers;

Other legislative ideas, among many others, which Pimentel plan to pursue in the next Congress are:

Anti-Chamber Practice Law;

Sangguniang Kabataan Reform Law;

Amendments to the Speedy Trial Act;

Amendments to our system of taxation, specifically income taxation;

Additional benefits for senior citizens, and Incentives for the continued employment or re-employment of senior citizens;

Strengthening of Math and Science Education;

Strengthening of Government Scholarship Program;

Party-list Reform Law;

Amendments to the Consumer Code, Securities Act, etc., designed to prevent many forms of cheating the public;

Review of the Nature and Purpose of PAGCOR;

Continuing review of all our election laws and processes;

Logging Ban;

Basic Law for the Mindanao Peace Framework;

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