But what is Filipino?

For this June 19, 2011, a tribute to our national hero. A great Filipino is one who has had the intellect and the courage to put more sense where the theologians and the politicians in cahoots together have put only nonsense making for our sick society. In the 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines, only one rare Filipino had the courage and the intellect to stand up against great odds to be a great Filipino – Jose Rizal – a truth-seeker, a scientist, and a humanist. To keep the Filipino frightened of the truth, however, Rizal was publicly executed by those in church authority – the ecclesiastical liars gifted with a free will from divinity to promote in the Philippines social insanity.—Poch Suzara

(Thanks to Ian Baltazar for this.)


Thanks to Carlos Celdran’s ceiling and mirror for this, unless you haven’t been to his 1930’s apartment, you have no idea what I am talking about. Carlos is an artist, tour guide, Reproductive Health bill advocate and the “ONE” after Rizal and Ninoy… why Ninoy? ” The Filipino is worth dying for” but then killed by fellow Filipinos? well some said it was CIA’s, hearsay or not, I believe that using intellect, there must be LOVE too..Rizal, Ninoy and Carlos for the country, not for their own benefits but for others. Ridiculed by fellow Filipinos for making a difference, to stand alone as long as for the righteousness and for the majority.

To ridicule is easy, topic usually is religion but what is religion? Sometime’s one forget that they are not attacking the religion but the individual alone. As I will repeat over and over again, It’s not about Religion, it’s about the character and attitude of an individual, it’s who you are, Atheist or Theist, both have flaws, both have points but united as one, we can do more and better. You think it would be much better if both are fighting with a common cause? Which is for the betterment of the next generation… stop typing and start acting….stop the fighting and start doing something. In just “1 single click”, a lot of things can be done. The power is possible, the power of world wide web.

One thing is for sure, in this LIFETIME, there is going to be no UTOPIA. (Thanks Gerry Eusebio)