Alabang Priest says if you don’t follow ordinance on contraception. You are CURSED.

Gela wrote her thoughts on how her Parish condemned her for not agreeing with the barangay ordinance

Today, that nightmare came true. Only it did not just cover the RH Bill. The mass was used to convince parishioners to sign a petition that would support the Barangay Ordinance on “The Safety and Protection of the Unborn Child”. An hour had already passed thanks to the long, highfalutin speech of the priest who insisted that if you did not agree with that ordinance, you are cursed. Yes, those were his words. He was even so defensive at first, saying that he wasn’t twisting the homily to fit a discussion on the ordinance.

It will be recalled that Barangay Alabang passed an ordinance requiring prescriptions to buy CONDOMS in an attempt to protect the “unborn child”.

My husband’s family used to reside in Ayala Alabang. While they are conservative and devout Catholics, they object to this ordinance because it infringes on people’s choice.

Gela goes on to say that “By being pro-poor and pro-choice, I am pro-life.”

It is no wonder Gela was disgruntled and upset as most of twitter reactions will show below, @riatrillo says “if you want to push for your medieval ordinance, go ahead. but respect the solemnity of the mass. call a town hall meeting instead.” @nerveending thinks ” Condemning people who don’t agree with you is Church tradition since Constantine! LOL” @jabjimenez adds that “when you read accounts like this, it’s easy to understand why pro-RH advocates find it difficult to ignore the RCC.”

Indeed, there is a time and place to talk about the barangay ordinance not during a Holy Mass. @doctorjanberry says it all: “Dear Ayala Alabang: the Mass is meant for worship and community, not for your erroneous anti #RHBill bullshit.”

@camillepratts tweeted

Went to hear mass at St. James Parish, during the homily, a representative from Bgy. Ayala Alabang talked about the controversial ordinance of Bgy. Ayala Alabang prohibiting the selling of contraceptives to the public without prescription. It created a scene during the mass. Daming nagwalk out. Some of them got mad because they didn’t go to church to hear about that. They went to hear God’s words.The church is not the proper time and place to discuss that. To top it all, they passed around a petition form and asked everyone to sign it, to signify that they are in support of the ordinance. They shouldn’t push it down on people’s throat like that na parang wala kang choice. Sana wag namang gamitin ang simbahan para sa political agendas na ganyan.

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