Photos from a Filipino Photographer based in Egypt

I am sharing some photos from my husband’s friend, Owen Tiam who took photos at Tahrir Square. Annotation belongs to Owen. Click to enlarge photos.

(Please do not use photos without permission)

Protesters at the 26th of July St. going to Tahrir Square.

Impassioned speeches

From All walks of life
The place was energized. Emotions were reverberating everywhere. Tension. Tanks. But no terror.

Women fighters

There are dissenting opinions

Early morning of the Million Man March Day


These buildings housed several international journalists. I lost count of the number of APC’s, tanks and other types of military transport.

They slept the night before and just finished breakfast of bread.

Pro-Mubarak protesters in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the right is the Nile River.

Calling for prayers.