Tweetup on Broadband issue on Feb 4, 2011

Everyone is encouraged to come to the Tweetup 9:00 AM on Friday, February 4! Signup here.

It started when I saw @sagadasun tweeting on broadband cap with @rom and @latex . I thought he had such great ideas and suggested he write a position paper on it. Well, @sagadasun being @sagadasun claims he has twitter ADHD.

A tweetup was then suggested by @cocoy @rom and everyone else so here it is.

To those interested , whether you are in Twitter, Plurk or Facebook

A tweetup has been called for February 4, 2011 to discuss the Broadband situation in the Philippines. It will be at Figaro’s, along Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center. #

Everyone is encouraged to come! Signup here.

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