Photos: US memorial day celebration at Manila American Cemetery & Memorial

Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. in his memorial day message , snippets of which are as follows:

“We remember the GI’s on the beaches of Normandy and Leyte gulf who died so others could be free. Their legacy continues today for the men and women who are serving our nation in Afghanistan and Iraq and…. We are working to make our world safe. We honor this men and women and their fallen comrades for their courage, their heroism and their selflessness.

17,202 graves surround us in this cemetery. Inscribed on the limestone walls around us are 36,285 names of those whose remains were never recovered. In total more than 50,000 heroes are remembered here everyday. And they are not just remembered . They are honored. ”

General Eduardo SL Oban, Chief of Staff of Armed Forces of the Philippines

We cherish the friendship and commitment of the Philippines and we will continue to work together in the spirit of collaboration combating global terrorism offering support in the aftermath of natural disaster and jointly promoting peace and development.

I reiterate today what I said last week , now and in the future, we will maintain our strong and historic relationship and we are dedicated . to being a partner of the Philippines in times of need or in times of peril.

The two kids said “we will not forget” after laying roses at the memorial.

Jose Rizal once declared, “What matters death if one dies for what he loves, for his land and for whom he adores?” Each of the 50,000 names transcribed in this cemetery belongs to someone who shared Rizal’s sentiments. As we gather today, we reflect upon the ideals of which our soldiers, sailors, airmen . marines died: liberty, equality, justice.

We honor their sacrifices by continuing to strive forth the ideals for which they gave their lives.

Here is a video of an interview after the memorial ceremony jointly with other tri-media