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Noynoying Teacher’s Pay

by Dean de la Paz, as originally posted on Blog Watch, Philippine Online Chronicles Out of sheer disgust, and perhaps some unhealthy doses of disdain, they resorted to that one literary gerund specifically borne out an aberrant reality that inflicts intimate insult to one person and yet victimizes a multitude across-the-board, wholesale and en masse. […]

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Fiscal dictatorship and pork in the 2015 Aquino budget

Written by Jaq Eroles, as originally posted at the Philippine Online Chronicles. After the continuous exposes of corruption and year-long protests against pork barrel and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) , a close attention into how the national budget will be allocated is now of the utmost importance. 2015 Budget as presented by Rep Antonio Tinio Pork-like […]

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Video: Entertaining parody on Dumb ways to vote #juanvote

Dumb Ways to Vote is a three-minute animated video on Philippine electoral candidates. It is an entertaining parody on the qualifications of politicians who keep winning elections ; a comedian, the corrupt, or even a murderer! Dumb Ways is a reminder that people should vote intelligently. As the country gears up for presidential elections in […]

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#JusticeForJennifer: Aquino gov’t lawyering for US soldier

What a shame. The Aquino government has again betrayed national sovereignty by lawyering for the US in the murder of transgendered woman Jennifer Laude. The government did not make even the minutest effort to assert PH laws and right to custody of the suspect. It did not even bother to ask for the token “request” […]

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Nognog vs. Noynoy: The Best Thing that Ever Happened in Recent Philippine Politics

Finally, “Binay takes a swing at Aquino.” This is arguably the best thing that ever happened in recent Philippine political history. We expected it but not this soon, not earlier than the campaign period for the 2016 presidential elections. We couldn’t be any gladder to be wrong. This is going to be more than just […]

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Hacienda Binay? Hacienda ba kamo? Probe Aquino’s Luisita!

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Since the Senate is into “haciendas” recently, it is now time for them to look into the state of no less than the president’s 6453-hectare Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac. Looking into the Luisita case would be timely because come November 16, it will be the 10th year since the bloody Hacienda Luisita massacre. It has also been 3 years […]

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