Marcos Jr. 100 days #Marcos100Days

Unlike past presidents, President Marcos Jr is not keen on releasing the “First 100 days report”. Newly appointed Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin said “Walang pamantayan kung bakit mo kailangan na magreport na (There’s nothing that says you need to report about your) first 100 days or not. We agree with him,” he added.

The Kabataan partylist lists down Marcos Jr. accomplishment on Twitter.

1. Admin whose cabinet has not been fully assembled. (Note: We don’t have a Department of Health) secretary
2. Two journalists killed
3. 3 months of inaction amid economic crisis
4. 4 billion proposed confidential and intelligence funds for the Office of the president
5. 5 hundred million proposed confidential funds for the Office of the voice president
6. Million underemployed filipinos
7. Percent inflation as of sept 2022
8. -decade low of Philippine peso vs the US dollar
9. Still pending cases vs. Lorraine Badoy Partosa
10 month planned delay of Barangay and SK Polls
11 billion cut on proposed budget on SUCs budget
12 billion proposed budget items that will contribute to the goals of the NTF-ELEAC

ON the other hand, the KMP (Peasant Movement of the Philippines) had this to say.

“Sa unang 100 araw ni Marcos sa Malakanyang, nakita natin ang kawalan ng direksyon, kawalan ng pamumuno, kawalan ng malasakit at kawalan ng pananagutan.

Inuna niya ang dayuhan at mayayaman, nakalimutan ang ordinaryong mamamayan. Panay party at lakwatsa habang madami ang lugmok sa krisis. Bagong Pilipinas?

What did Marcos Jr. have to say about his 100 days?

in his own words, he said they have managed to “put together a government which is functional” and that focused on the economy in his first 100 days.

According to a Rappler report , the First 100 Days are typically seen as an assessment point for new administrations. Unlike former president Duterte, Marcos has not been one to make bombastic statements with unrealistic deadlines.

Marcos said his administration had been able to “galvanize government once again into governing.” “So it is that sense of urgency…. Again, it is that unity that we bring people together and we are bringing it, [bringing] people together for a reason and the reason is not ourselves, it’s not our families, but it’s our community, it’s our country, it’s our people. That, I think, we have returned into government. I think that’s the most important thing,” he said.

Let’s see what other Filipinos think

A recent Pulse Asia survey taken from September 17-21, 2022 showed that 66% of adult Filipinos are concerned about the soaring prices of basic commodities.

– 42% of Filipino adults disapprove of how the national gov’t is controlling inflation
– 44% found that increasing worker’s pay is an urgent national concern
-35% are concerned about creating new jobs
-34% are concerned with reducing poverty

Time for action . Based on the survey Marcos jr administration should address the following issues on inflation, wages, employment and the poverty of the Filipinos. I agree with Renato Reyes, that having a functional government is not an achievement. It is a bare minimum, a basic responsibility of those in power. Neither is setting targets an achievement. Kaya nga targets eh. Hindi pa na-achieve.”