What are the plans of the presidential candidates?

If you have not decided who to vote for president in the upcoming National and Local Elections in 2022, then it is best to listen to or read on the plans of the candidates.

A recent forum organized by the Philippine Business Conference and Expo (PBC&E) Presidentiables’ Forum was held on November 2018 . Presidential candidates who participated were Vice President Leni Robredo, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno; and Senators Bong Go, Manny Pacquiao, and Panfilo Lacson. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was absent during the forum hosted by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI).

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Below, I summarize their plans as curated by the Philippine Star in their infographics

Isko Moreno plans

– To reduce taxes on fuel and electricity
– To extend “zero interest” loans to micro, small and medium enterprises
– Continuation of the Duterte’s administration’s “Build,Build,Build” Program
– Modernization of the agriculture sector to reduce the need for importation.

Leni Robredo plans

– To earmark 216 billion pesos for cash aid to locked-down families
– To allocate 100 billion peso for “conditional” assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises
– To raise government spending on education to 6% of gross domestic product
– To increase funding on science and technology and utilize the national ID system

Panfilo Lacson plans

– To bridge any funding gaps in the universal healthcare program in order to “stop all lockdowns”
– To prioritize local manufacturers in government procurement
– To give incentives to people to go to work, including promoting paid internship programs
– To sustain infrastructure spending, but in a “set realistic targets”

Manny Pacquiao plans

-To boost employment, give free housing to informal settlers, improve healthcare services and continue infrastructure development
-To give zero-interest loans for micro,small and medium enterprises
-To further slash the corporate income tax rate to  “a flat 15%” to attract foreign investments

Bong Go plans

– To provide “recovery packages” for MSMEs and the farm sector
– To extend cash aid and zero interest loans to 10 million poor households
– To push for the creation of more agencies: two departments for disaster management and overseas Filipino workers
– To create a local version of the United States Centers for Disease Control.


What are the points to consider in choosing a president? In the next post, I will discuss the criteria for selecting a presidential candidate.