An assessment of policy statements on health, education, Job creation & food security

As part of our #Election2016 series called “Public Choice”, we analyzed the policies of the presidential candidates in the area of Health, Job Creation, Education, and Food security.

A survey conducted by  Pulse Asia back in December 2015 found that health was the leading personal concern among voters with 62% of respondents saying staying healthy and free of illness was a most urgent personal concern of theirs, ahead of finishing school or providing an education for their children (48%), securing a well-paying job or source of income (43%), and having enough to eat everyday (41%).

the life we want

These personal concerns are also revealed in NEDA’s “Ambisyon Natin 2040” Report. The report shows 79.2 percent of Filipinos want to live a “simple and comfortable life.” This includes a college education for all children; to earn enough money to purchase day-to-day needs; own a car and a medium-sized home; own a business; have time to relax with family and friends; and be able to take occasional trips around the country.

Emmanuel Doy Santos analyzed the policies of these four key concerns. They provide an assessment based on principled policy platforms. Take time to compare each candidate’s policies. You can also view the excel file here.

Click the links below to read more on the assessment of their policy statements.

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