Advocates launch “Occupy for Reproductive Health” #04RH #vote4RH


It has been ten years since the first RH Bill, and after countless debates and delays we are no closer to a vote. The democratic process has stalled at the hands of time-wasting legislators and bullying bishops.

With mounting frustration we remind our public servants that for every day they delay the vote, Filipino families around the country lose their mothers. The time for delay is over. The time for a vote is now.
Starting tomorrow, November 21, RH Advocates from various organizations will occupy the park across the South Wing Gate of Congress, and launch a massive and sustained campaign to remind our Senators and Members of Congress of the urgency to vote on the Reproductive Health Bill before the year ends.

Pro-RH lawmakers, celebrities, artists, government officials, civil society and non-government groups, business, academe, youth, religious and non-religious sectors will show their support at this mass action,
and advocates will camp out in front of the South Wing Gate for as long as it takes for their voices to be heard.

We urge you to join us, tomorrow (November 21) and onwards, and lend your voice to a movement that will save Filipino lives. Various activities will be held at the camp and at the South Wing Gate, such as a noise barrage, cultural and solidarity nights, pickets, creative and symbolic protests, actions that will make our legislators listen.

For ten years we have been ignored, the cries of the People drowned out by the powerful few. But no more. Together we will stand, together we will shout, and together we will Occupy for RH till our legislators vote for RH now.

How you can show support through social media?

1. Sign the Declaration of Support for the Immediate Passage of the Reproductive Health Bill into Law: Online Petition today and express your suppor

2. Keep on tweeting about Reproductive Health (RH) and use #vote4RH and #O4RH hashtag.

3. Ask pro-RH twitter users to actively engage legislators and call for the vote on RH BEFORE Dec. 14

4. Support Occupy For RH, add a #twibbon now!

5. Follow and @rhnow for more details of Occupy for RH

Here’s how you can support the “Occupy for RH” movement: (see full article via

  • Visit the camp. Come to SB Bayan Park, right across the South Wing Gate of the House of Representatives. What any movement needs more than anything are people willing to give their time to the cause, if only to show up where it matters, when it matters, and the fight for the RH Bill matters now more than ever.
  • Join the activities outside the South Wing Gate. Creative and forceful protests will be held to get the attention of our Legislators. Bring a flashy placard, stand with us, and let your voice be heard.
  • Donate your time and other resources at camp. There will be fun activities for participants of all ages, teach-ins conducted by participating orgs, and community meals, and a booth to accept your donations in kind. The spirit of volunteerism is key in movements such as this, and one more helping hand is a step closer to a vote.
  • Spread the word. Social media has the power to change countries if used for the benefit of issues that matter, and in recent times no issue has mattered more to the common Filipina than the RH Bill. Spread links and articles about the Occupy for RH movement in Facebook and Twitter, use the official Occupy for RH twibbon, and share videos and news reports of the camp with your friends and family. Go viral, and put the RH Bill in the minds of every Filipino.
  • Call up your elected officials. If your elected Senator or member of Congress is for the Bill, give them a call or send them a letter of support. If they are against the Bill, let them know where you stand, and where more than 70% of their constituents stand – for the RH Bill and its immediate passage.
  • Get your org involved. Look at the list of organizations that have expressed their support for the Occupy for RH movement. If your org is not in the list, call up your representative and let them know you would like to help. We especially encourage the youth and university organizations to participate in this movement, as this landmark Bill affects their futures most of all.
  • If your org would like to coordinate with the Occupy for RH movement, contact Joy Salgado of Likhaan at 0915-4079894 and [email protected], or Ellen San Gabriel also of Likhaan at 0916-6025203

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