Interested to be a Blog Watch intern ?

Blog Watch seeks voter empowerment , citizen engagement and governance transformation. Initially called a Blog Watch project for the 2010 elections, it was our vision to simply provide another avenue to promote voter education. We found ourselves extending the project beyond the 100 day honeymoon period of President Noynoy Aquino. Today, Blog Watch focuses on the continuing education of the online community on proper citizen monitoring, good governance , voter education and digital citizenship. Most of all , we wanted a platform for our citizen advocates.

Blog Watch is once again opening its citizen media internship program for the summer, starting April 1.

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As an intern, you will be involved in our work as a nonpartisan citizens’ watchdog and collective conscience for transparency and good governance. You will be exposed to the following

1. Social media engagement and Hashtag campaigns for advocacy projects
2. Research
3. Content curation and their tools
4. Commentary and feature writing with your own byline for our Blog Watch Citizen Media site.
5. Taking videos and photos for our Blog Watch Citizen Media site.
6. Coverage of forums and interviews using various multimedia tools including live tweeting or live blogging

Interested applicants can send in their resume with a writing or multimedia sample to contact @

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