Switch Right On: Movement toward Economic and environmenal sustainability through renewable sources of energy @switchrighton #SwitchRightOn #REnew2015

The Philippines has made a huge step in promoting long-term sustainable development across different sectors by strengthening its commitment to renewable energy. The Blog Watch community is one with the government and the prime movers of the Switch Right On movement in championing energy security, environmental protection, and sustainable economic growth for the country and our fellow Filipinos.

We laud the proponents of this movement in uniting various institutions both from the public and the private sector towards a noble common goal. By spreading awareness about this critical issue and promoting investments for renewable energy, we aim to help fulfill our part in building and strengthening the foundations of a more progressive society and a healthier environment for the coming generations.

Again, we take pride in becoming a part of the Switch Right On and we look forward to helping nurture an insightful discourse by encouraging more Filipinos to make their voices heard on the issue of renewable energy. @switchrighton #SwitchRightOn #REnew2015