Metro-wide noise barrage protests set tomorrow, August 15 vs BS tyranny, DAP

Youth and student groups, government employees, teachers, health workers, church workers and anti-pork groups will hold a metro-wide noise barrage protest against Aquino’s Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and charter change tomorrow, August 15.

Government employees from the Supreme Court, Department of Agriculture, Lung Center, National Housing University and Sandiganbayan will hold lunchtime noise barrage protests in front of their offices.

Students from UP Diliman, UP Manila, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, National University, Philippine Women’s Unversity, Philippine Normal University, Far Eastern University and other campuses will hold noise barrage protests outside their campuses in the afternoon.

Health workers will also hold a noise barrage in front of Philippine General Hospital in Manila.

Religious groups will likewise hold an assembly along E Rodriguez Ave in Quezon City.

A “Human Chain” vs Aquino DAP and tyranny will be formed in the afternoon along Taft Avenue from PGH to PNU.

The protests are also in preparation for the August 25 Luneta “Stand-up, Sign-up vs All Pork” protest.

“We are calling on the Filipino people to stand up against the pork barrel system and DAPork king. We must stop Aquino’s creeping dictatorship. People power is the antidote to pork,” said Youth Act Now in a statement.