#PDAFKalampag Twitter movement , the voice of the citizens

A group of us in twitter spearheaded by @mrsunlawyer, @chilimedley and the #gangsters launched on twitter a movement called #PDAFKalampag where we will choose a lawmaker/government agency a day to flood with calls or tweets to let them know how the citizenry truly feels about our tax money being stolen. Today , August 19 we contacted Senator Franklin Drilon.

You can join in twitter just by tweeting Senator Franklin Drilon (@frankahan) and let him know how you feel about the PDAF Scam.

Senator Drilon replied and shared his July 15 statement in facebook and as an image file below:

drilon on pdaf

Drilon added that he is ” for PDAF abolition from the very start. In fact he has been suggesting to limit its use . However stricter rules may be needed if it can’t be fully abolished.

Because of the COA audit report, we are all under clout of doubt. Even if our names were not in the report, the people have the tendency to generalize and suspect us to be doing illegal in the use of our pork barrel. That is why we need to finish the investigation the SOONEST in order to shed lights on the issue and to enable the involved lawmakers to answer allegations against them in the proper venue.

We will be posting here as well the names of a lawmaker or government agency that we will be flooding with calls/tweets for that day.

Please join us. This needs to be a sustained, coordinated effort to make an impact and let those concerned know: TAMA NA. SOBRA NA. PANAGUTIN NA.

Here is the #PDAFKalampag engagement on twitter.