CEAP calls on CJ Corona to disclose his dollar accounts

Earlier today, The Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) called on Chief Justice Corona to disclose his dollar accounts. Executive Secretary Ochoa in a statement of the defense panel of the Chief Justice asks “why it is, that a Chief Justice who asserts his own innocence, is resisting requests for the disclosure of his foreign currency deposit accounts? They did not ask the Chief Justice to do this later, but now.”

Defense lawyers in a press briefing said that the bank accounts will be presented when the time calls for it.

Kung bank account lang pinoproblema nyo po, wag po kayong mag-apura, bubuksan po lahat yan ng punong mahistrado dahil hindi po nya ninakaw yan. Relaks lang po, Mr. President, wag nyo po naman ipasuway sa mga senador at punong mahistrado ang batas gaya ng gusto nyo laging ipagawa sa mga tao nyo

Here is the official statement of the CEAP on their “call for Chief Justice Corona to give his written consent to the opening of his Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts relative to the Impeachment Proceedings”.

CEAP statement: Re-affirming the People’s faith in the Judiciary- A call for Chief Justice Renato C. Corona…