Video: Gus Lagman on alternatives to the existing PCOS machine based AES

Blog Watch talked to former Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Gus Lagman on the Automated Election Systems. He challenged netizens to discuss alternatives to “its existing precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machine-based automated election system, which he finds flawed, to help bring forth polls that are truly credible.”

We must have a system that’ll yield accurate results, lessen election cheating and promote more transparency.

Such system must also speed up elections without sacrificing accuracy, honesty and transparency.

There are available possible solutions that we must look into already.

He noted that so many violations were committed. Digital signatures and other measures to safeguard votes are lacking. The open election system (OES) is the PCOS-based system alternative that he proposed.

The system involves manual voting and encoding in the precint level as well as automated canvassing.

Lagman reiterrates that “Transparency is completely lost when precinct counting is automated”

Watch our video as we talked to Gus Lagman and issues related to the automated election system.