Video Greeting: The year that was in Blog Watch..Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Here is our video greeting.

Merry Christmas from our Blog Watch family. Here are some tips to enjoy the season.

Manage Holiday Stress—Don’t Let Stress Manage You

1. Keep expectations for the season realistic; therefore, set goals that are reasonable for you. Before beginning a task, make a list and prioritize the important activities.

2. Recognize your own limitations and don’t over-do it. There is no need to attend every social gathering or to create the perfect social event.

3. Learn to delegate the holiday chores. It is not necessary to try to do everything by yourself.

4. Know your spending limit and stay on budget. With today’s economy and cutbacks, it is important to respect one’s financial limitations.

5. Take a time out. After completing a holiday task, take time to relax and make sure to get enough rest.

6. Remember to eat healthy, nutritious food, as you would do any other time of the year. Also, drink plenty of water and juices. Maintaining a healthy diet will help support your immune system, reduce fatigue, and fight illness.

7. Try to maintain an exercise routine. Researchers have found that exercise is an excellent treatment to alleviate depression.

8. The holiday season does not mean that you will not have difficult feelings. It is important to acknowledge one’s feelings, even if you keep them to yourself.

9. Try to look to the future with an optimistic perspective despite difficulties of the past. Find ways to see the good in challenging experiences.

10. Participate in holiday activities that are free and light-hearted. Plan to attend festive activities that do not require large amounts of travel time.

11. Volunteer for a charitable organization(s) that reach out to the needy. Or contribute to community food drives in your neighborhood.

12. Spend time with supportive and caring friends and/or family, if possible. Yet, should you find yourself alone, then be certain to schedule enjoyable activities into your free time.

13. In conclusion, try a little laughter. Research psychologists have found that humor improves one’s sense of overall well being.

Have a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the season!