Blog Watch commentaries featured at Google news top stories

The Corona Impeachment Trial is now on its 23rd day. I have always relied on Twitter and Facebook to share commentaries about the trial. I have to thank Google News for including our commentaries in their top stories whenever it comes to the Corona Impeachment Trial. Don’t ask me how our commentaries end up being Google News-worthy .

This is a screencap I took today which shows Day 22 of the Corona Impeachment Trial. Wilfred Avila is a contributor because his posts are intended for Noisy Minority Facebook Page. Click the thumbnails.

This is the first time I discovered Blog Watch is featured in the Top stories. Raissa took this screencap for her February 9 story “I become part of the Corona story”

When clicking more sources, our link is still shown.

I am showing this to encourage you to contribute original commentaries to be part of the Impeachment process. Of course, we can only post those that are backed by facts . I also reserve the right to place an editor’s note to add context. Libelous statements will also be edited or removed.

Please submit story here. Make your voices heard.

We all play a role in the impeachment process. It was pointed out by Senator Cayetano that “[O]ne of the demands of a democratic society is that the public should know what goes on in the courts by being informed by the press what is happening there, to the end that the public may judge whether our system of administration of justice is fair and right (Trial by Publicity, Arsenio Solidum. Philippine Law Journal, September 1959).

As citizens, our role here is to support the process set out by the Constitution, to be patient and continue to be vigilant and lastly, to share critical but fair analysis.

Just submit your story here.