Change can be done

Information is what most of us need to understand and be aware about the situation of our environment. Global Warming, Climate Change and Disaster Preparedness are just some of the things we need to be concerned and familiar. It affects our life and will definitely affects our children’s future.

Laguna De Bay is the biggest in Asia and the catch basin of different rivers in the Philippines and that includes the Marikina River and Pasig River. In Laguna alone, we have 25 municipalities and 5 cities, not to mention we are a growing population because of the National Housing Authority (NHA) that are now situated in different parts of Laguna. At the Municipality of Calauan alone, in 2010, the population was more or less 50,000 but today it mushroomed to more than 80,000 people and counting without additional investors or businesses in this 3rd class municipality. What will happen base on the law of supply and demand?

The more people, the more consumption and more waste. Most doesn’t have any idea about the Republic Act 9003 or the Solid waste management act. But if one is aware, do we have the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) to segregate the used materials? Flood is the problem so far, with more than 15 towns at Laguna alone submerged in water from this August 2012 monsoon rain and the same as Ondoy, it will subside in more or less than 3 months and definitely the calamity is human induced brought to us by the lack of discipline. If only we knew how to simply put our trash, I know it will not happen.

Though it’s easy, discipline comes from within. If only we could all realize that we can do the change and it’s not hard. As simple as putting the trash at the garbage bin than just throwing it out at the road as if you have your own personal trash collector. As simple as teaching how to love and care to the environment to your children, don’t forget that discipline starts at home.

Heard from the radio that change and discipline have a long process to achieve. I disagree. Let me site an example to explain my conclusion.

Traveling to Hong Kong from the Philippines is 1 hour or 60 minutes. We all know how the hongkongers are implementing their law. As soon as we step our foot to that foreign land. We changed. We’re putting our trash at the correct designated place, we’re following instructions or doing what we think is right or else their law will penalized us. Our mind is telling us to do what is right because of the law. We know how strict they are in implementing their law that’s why we oblige. From this example, does anyone push us to change? Does it took long for us to follow the law? It took only one hour and nobody even told us to change but because of the law, we did.

In the Philippines. Do we need a law to do the right thing? We have so many rules already and the legislators are even pushing for so many bills which they think could help the Filipino people without thinking how to implement it well if it becomes a law. The discipline must start from ourselves. No matter what there’s a law or not, we must understand that even nobody are looking, we must do the right thing.

I am asking for support. Yes! Always but not for me for the dissemination of these important information. I am not always this concern but I realized two years ago that most of the calamity we had at Philippines is not really natural but mostly can be prevented and it’s human induced. We need to start now.