DILG Sec Jesse Robredo Endorsement of Gov. Gwen Garcia case to the OP on July 26, 2012

On July 31,2012, Malacanang received an endorsement dated July 26, 2012 from Former DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo for “your appropriate action , the hereto attached draft of Decision in OP Case No. 10-K-504 , entitled “Hon. Gregorio G. Sanchez, Jr. vs Hon Gwendolyn F. Garcia”. together with its entire records.

In the Robredo document, this is the summary of the Findings

After a thorough examination of the documents and testimonies of all the witnesses that were presented by both parties it can be gleaned that the case arose from the ate of the Respondent in denying then Vice Governor Sanchez the appointing authority in the Office of the Vice-Governor , the slashing of the budget of the Office of the Vice-Governor of Cebu, the stoppage of the publication of the Legislative Gaveland non-payment of the honoraria of the publication staff under the Office of the Vice-Governor, the transfer of funding for the Legislative Research Codification Project from the Office of the Vice-Governor to the Office of the Governor and the non-payment of overtime pay of the personnel of the Office of the Vice-Governor.

Based on the findings of the late Secretary Robredo, “Respondent Governor Gwendolyn F. Garcia is hereby found guilty of Grave Abuse of Authority and is meted out the penalty of six (6) months suspension from Office. ”

Here is the document:DILG Sec Jesse Robredo Endorsement to Malacanang

DILG Sec Jesse Robredo Endorsement to Malacanang
(Document vis @CebuDailyNews)

Here is the Office of the President (OP) decision on Gwen Garcia

OP Decision on Gov. Garcia

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