Letter sent by British ambassador to Clive Wicks re Tampakan proposed mining project

This is a press statement from Gina Lopez

Hello… this is a letter sent by British ambassador to Clive Wicks, who raised concerns about the Tampakan project. This is a proposed mining which is to dig a hole 544 hectares big, 9 stories deep – in a fault line area – which puts at risk the well-being of 4 provinces!!! It’s very serious – and is a no brainer – just say NO.

I was aghast at the letter… my comments are below the letter. I truly believe we should not accept this kind of diplomacy in the country. Please expose it.


Here is my response….

It is with serious and deep concern that we have read the letter to Mr. Clive Wicks by the British Ambassador to the Philippines. The line, “It is one of the top priorities of British diplomatic missions to support the prosperity of the UK by assisting British companies to achieve business success internationally.” Period… – It’s the period that concerns me. No concern about people’s welfare, or keeping ecological sanctity or commitment to ethics… just business – that is the clear tone of the letter.

So just business interests – and no commitment to make sure that the plans of British companies do not endanger our well-being at all. – So it’s just the Philippine Government’s problem? So if there is a problem in the Philippines with governance – then the British government stand is well “Tough… It’s your problem – not mine. ” The companies will get away what they can get away with… If people suffer, if lives are at stake (as in Tampakan, the black and white statement is that it is a high risk endeavor” well – then the stand is “tough?” Your problem…

The stance of the letter further validates the fears of communities and grass roots organizations of foreign companies – that they think nothing of people’s welfare – but just making money. This is validated by no less than the ambassador himself.

I wonder about the diplomacy here. Why should we as a sovereign country want to do business with a country – whose stand is just for themselves?

I truly feel we should not take this sitting down. We need to write about it… write the British embassy, viral it – so that not only England but all the other countries will know that the Filipino people will never accept the abuse of our motherland just for business interests.

Regina Paz Lopez
Managing Director
ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.
[email protected]