Early Campaign for 2013

2013 Election is almost here. I’m just exaggerating but even if the election is 13 months away, you can feel the politicians who are planning to run seem to be over-exposing themselves to the media. I mean you can read them because they are now taking every opportunity to appear in media. They believe that “the earlier the campaign , the better “.

Let us first start with the local sector

In every project by the city government , there is always a tarpaulin. That tarpaulin contains only the face of the mayor , sometimes the governor , and of course the congressman or whoever the proponent of that project .  Do you know notice that the name of the proponent of that project has a bigger font than the name of their project? I mean those two should be proprotional to one another , not inversely proportional.

Plus , why would you waste a lot of money in a single tarpaulin containing only three major elements : their name , their title , and their logo. (Kungbaga they just used their projects para sumegwey ng pangangampanya !) The title of their project and the name of their city now became just an accesory.

Sometimes the “papogi effects” can seen in the IDs of the students.Politicians nowadays use the ID cards as their medium to increase their popularity. Their logo is bigger than the seal of their city. In the bridges made by the DPWH , the bridges have the logo of the city mayor or sometimes the congressman of the city and it says there :”HANDOG NI MAYOR/CONGRESSMAN PARA SA *PANGALAN NG LUGAR* “. Nakakainis di ba ?

What does it all mean ?

Well they are after their positions, so they are using their projects to increase their popularity.

We do not want their names on the tarpaulins , bridges , or even engraved at the metal cover of the manhole.  What we are after is their capability not their popularity.

Vote Wisely , Choose CAPABILITY over Popularity . Take your time to scrutinize every politician who you think will run on the next year’s election 2013. No to Trapos !

To all politicians , always remember that this BLOG will always WATCH you !

MAS MAAGA MAS MAGANDA , educate ourselves , unahan ang mga politiko.

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