Impeachment trial of Renato C. Corona like the Frankenstein monster concept.

by Joe Javellana

“[a] flash of lightning illuminated the object and discovered its shape plainly to me; its gigantic stature, and the deformity of its aspect, more hideous than belongs to humanity, instantly informed me that it was the wretch, the filthy demon to whom [he] had given life.” Victor Frankenstein

What made a monster out of the so-called monster that Victor Frankenstein created?

The answer is simple; RUMORS and today we simply call it the MEDIA. Lets go back as to when the book was written “January 1, 1818”. During those times we have a clear view as to what public perception of a so-called individual is. Rather than have the strongest evidence almost everything was based on public opinion. Lets go back to the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, when one was simply accused of practicing witch craft they were either burned or hanged. Now back to “Frankenstein” when people saw the monster’s face and size he was branded as being the spawn of the devil and therefore must be driven off or executed. Did people ever bother to ask his real name? Date of birth? Origin? The monster’s biggest crime was being BORN. In one scene Justine Moritz (servant girl) was accused for the murder of Victor’s brother “William”; she was arrested and hanged publicly.

All of this lacked EVIDENCE and even if they had EVIDENCE it was still covered up by public perception.

Now back to the Corona trial, the majority according to the pulse asia survey brands him as a monster when the defense hasn’t even fully finished airing out their side. Already the MEDIA accuse him as being guilty due to a possible testimony of a 90 year old nun and his niece. Remember during the Salem Witch trials; to be accused by a priest or cleric of practicing witchcraft was the best evidence during those dark ages. The same also applies to the Frankenstein monster, to be accused of being deformed warrants you as a product of hell. In the Philippines we are going back to the dark ages when trying out the accused. Everything is based on public opinion even when the evidence isn’t fully presented. Philippine media should be cautious in giving out false information that may incriminate a person who hasn’t been proven guilty.

What made Corona into a so-called monster?

The answer is the MEDIA. Imagine the MEDIA incriminated him as to owning 45 properties which were so-called products of ill-gotten wealth. Yeah right! Now from 45 down to just 5. These 5 are yet to be proven by the prosecution. The 45 properties are already instilled in the minds of the people. Just like the claims of Sister Flory of him pointing a gun at the caretaker. Just like the claims of his niece that he stole money from the family corporation “Basa-Guidote”. The MEDIA has spread this testimonies like wildfire and it is already installed in the minds of the general public. How do we know if this is TRUE or just another hear say. Where is the incriminating evidence?

The amount of damage the MEDIA has done to Corona and his family is terrible. This damage can never be undone. The trial hasn’t even finished and already there is a trial going on outside the impeachment court. That trial is called “trial by publicity”. Any Senator or person who as to one inch says something in favor for Corona is already branded as being a paid lackey of GMA. As to the innocence of Corona, as I said we shall wait and see. But this time I hope the MEDIA will stop making baseless accusations and for once stop mind conditioning the public into believing that the accused is already guilty. The answer is simple lets wait for both sides to present the evidence then we can make our own judgement.

The MEDIA has already made Corona into a monster.