Tweets: Palace and @mitosmagsaysay over laptop deal

I saw Usec Manolo Quezon tweet twice on Statement of the PCDSPO on the negotiated bidding of computers and got curious what PCDSPO was. It sounded like PCSO. It was actually a “Statement of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office on the Negotiated Bidding of Computers” on a laptop deal.

Rep. Mitos Magsaysay has alleged that the PCDSPO leadership has procured 1.6 million pesos worth of laptops in a less-than-forthcoming manner. This is a lie, and reeks of malevolent intent and political machinations. It is a reckless statement by, of all people, a known ally of one of the most corrupt presidents this country has ever had.

Rep. Magsaysay, in her desperation, continues to fire blanks at the administration. Without even bothering to do elementary research, she attacked Sec. Carandang as payback for the Aquino administration’s relentless pursuit of those who have eroded the people’s trust in our institutions. We wish to remind her to first check her facts before opening her mouth as is her habit.

The strong words issued by PCDSPO surprised me that I asked @mitosmagsaysay on how this happened.

She replied

@momblogger The media brought it out in r presscon. I said same allegation was brought 2 my attention Y will Carandang attack me,ad hominem.

Her tweet then explained how all this laptop deal started.

Apparently, the laptop deal came about because Asst. Secretary resigned.

@momblogger I know.atty. Tongol was interviewed by media & he didn’t deny d allegation but said “wag nalang palakihin isyu”

However, Palace said “Asst. Sec. Tongol resigned after being confronted by Sec. Carandang for underperforming, not due to anomaly in purchase of computers”

@mitosmagsaysay claims that “it was media who brought out carandang’s name. I never mentioned him at all.”

@sagadasun thinks “BLIND items are always planted. They don’t just drop out of the skies. Who placed them?”

Here is the rest of the prime time Twitter discussion.