“I have nothing to gain, but everything to lose”- Chief Justice Corona

By Luisa Reyes

Being given the opportunity to meet the Chief Justice might not be something people my age would think is worth their time, even with the whole impeachment trial going on. The youth (not all, maybe the ones surrounding me) are quick to dismiss current events, deeming it a waste of time because they already know that our government’s going down the drain. I, for one, think this a chance to level the playing field. Having been accustomed to just accepting what the media puts out there, it was a chance for me to finally be able to know what the condemned has to say.

The first thing the Chief Justice said when he introduced himself was that he has nothing to gain, but everything to lose from this fight. It was a bit off-putting for me because why would he start with that? Is he that guilty? But then he kept on talking, and I realized he’s not saying it to us, he’s saying it himself. Here is a man whose life has and is still being ridiculed on national television. His life is an open target for every Filipino out there that cares enough.

There were a lot of critical questions being thrown to him; thankfully he answered all of them. I was very nervous before entering his office because I had no idea if any of the questions I had were appropriate. In the end, I chose not to ask him anything because I became content with just listening to him answering the questions of my boss and everyone else. As an intern, I felt like I only needed to experience being in that kind of environment.

I also chose not to ask because before me, I saw a man who was plain tired. Emotionally and physically, it was evident. How could he not be, because even I get tired just from watching the impeachment at the comfort of my own home.

It was very refreshing to say the least. To finally hear what the condemned man had to say, because not a lot of people get that opportunity. The Filipino people are just given the benefit of the doubt that their government is doing this for the betterment of our country. Not a lot of people ask if this is being done for personal agenda, because the last impeachment (Estrada’s) gave them the impression that leaders that get impeached are already at fault. It is somehow lost on everyone that this is being done to find out the truth.

I can’t blame the people for assuming the worse, because what were we used to? Now that we have a president that’s the poster boy for all that is good, the people will see all of his actions as for the betterment of our government.

I left the office of the Chief Justice with a clearer mind, not because I am siding on anyone, but because I have both sides of the story and one side is making more sense than the other.

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Luisa Reyes is a Philippine Studies Major in Filipino and Mass Media student of DLSU . She tweets at @scaredpotta.